EXCLUSIVE: Hannaha Hall Dishes On Her Friendship W/ ‘The Chi’ Co-stars La La Anthony & Jacob Latimore, The Importance Of Addressing Police Brutality On The Series: We Have To Smash It In People’s Faces So They Know It’s Real + Says She’s Uncertain About A Fifth Season

EXCLUSIVE: Hannaha Hall Dishes On Her Friendship W/ ‘The Chi’ Co-stars La La Anthony & Jacob Latimore, The Importance Of Addressing Police Brutality On The Series: We Have To Smash It In People’s Faces So They Know It’s Real + Says She’s Uncertain About A Fifth Season

The Chi actress Hannaha Hall recently spoke with theJasmineBRAND for an interview, and she dished on various aspects of the hit Showtime series!

In our EXCLUSIVE interview with Hannaha Hall, she first spoke about her friendship with co-star La La Anthony.

Hannaha Hall stars as Tiffany–who shares a son with Jacob Latimore‘s character, Emmett Washington. La La Anthony plays Dominique “Dom” Morris, who opened a restaurant with Emmett Washington.

Regarding her friendship with La La Anthony, Hannaha Hall stated:

“La La is so cool. I think everybody kinda has that consistent feedback on her. She’s just cool. I’m happy that they did go that route with the characters, because so often you see two Black women going head to head, and I think it just gives it a bit of a plot twist to see two women actually trying to produce from a relationship… I like the route that they went, but La La is phenomenal… We both talk to each other about the characters and the storyline and the script, and we work together. So I love her for that.”

La La Anthony

Additionally, Hannaha Hall discussed her relationship with Jacob Latimore, with whom we previously did an EXCLUSIVE interview as well. She said:

“Jacob [is] my dog. That’s my homie. Me and him [are] close. We crack up jokes, we crack up laughing all day. We have a ton of fun on set. I love Jacob–that’s my homie.”

Before moving on, she also discussed her experience working with Black creatives–such as Lena Waithe–on the series:

“I think what makes it more special is that it’s Black creatives. You know, the industry is opening up more and more to us, so the fact that we have this position and this role and we can be creative [is great]. The Chi kinda breaks a lot of boundaries, and it’s a good thing to be a part of that. So I think that’s what I enjoy about it the most and I admire about it the most. And I just hope that we continue to break these limitations for us. So, culturally, I love it.”

Lena Waithe

Hannaha Hall continued, discussing how The Chi specifically breaks barriers by addressing the “brokenness” of many Black households. She claimed:

“[We break barriers by] showing what’s going on in households in the depth of brokenness. What I love about The Chi is there’s not really a main character. You have, like, a bundle of main characters. And you kinda tap into each of their lives. And we don’t get to see these stories. We just see the outcomes or the issues that they have to face, but we don’t understand how they got to that or what they’re doing behind the scenes in their backstories. So I think it’s beautiful that we go into these homes and we actually see the backstories and kinda understand what’s going on and what led them to what.”

At this point, Hannaha Hall proceeded to discuss the importance of addressing the issue of police brutality on The Chi. She stated:

“It’s important for them to show what’s actually happening. People can’t really acknowledge something until they can really see it. And yes, we do see it on the news. But we need to use every outlet and platform to–I hate to say it–but to kinda smash it in people’s faces so they can see that this is real… This is something that stands with [people] forever. It’s traumatizing as well. And we need to realize the severity of [police brutality] and how it can affect us even into our adulthood. So I think we need to continue to let people know this is a real epidemic and it needs to be fixed.”

The actress then touches on what The Chi means to Chicago, as well as how important it is for the series to feature natives of the city. Hannaha Hall said:

“This is Chicago’s baby now, I would say that. Like I’m hearing that more and more, like ‘This is our show’… Just to bring people in from the city [of Chicago] is very important and essential. And I think it just resonates… It hits different. It feels different, and it just adds to the passion that you have for the project.

Hannaha Hall then spoke on the possibility of future seasons of The Chi:

“I don’t know [how many seasons we’re getting]. We don’t know for sure about the fifth season. I always wait until they announce it. Like we hear little stuff, but I always wait until they announce it because that’s like the official release. But I’m hoping for a season five. Fingers crossed!”

Finally, Hannaha Hall wrapped up our EXCLUSIVE interview by speaking on what she hopes to see as the series continues, saying:

“I love the depth that they’re going with the storylines. Like we were saying: getting into the households and understanding what the backstories are of these characters… I would love to see that more. Of course, we all know that Chicago is known for having, like, a corrupt police system. We have so much information and platforms or outlets to give us information on that. But [I want people to] really understand these families. Like how it is growing up in the hood or under certain circumstances because when you relate to people more and more, it’s more support. And it brings more attention to those issues, and that’s how things get fixed.”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley