Nicki Minaj Explains Why She Turned Down Feature For Doja Cat’s ‘Get Into It (Yuh)’: I Didn’t Think I Could Bring Anything To It

Nicki Minaj Explains Why She Turned Down Feature For Doja Cat’s ‘Get Into It (Yuh)’: I Didn’t Think I Could Bring Anything To It

Nicki Minaj is explaining why she wasn’t featured on Doja Cat’s third studio album, ‘Planet Her’.

Rap star Nicki Minaj, 38, recently shared details while chatting with her fans in a Twitter Space. During the discussion, the Grammy-Nominated-artist revealed Doja Cat, 25, asked her to get on her song ‘Get Into It (Yuh)’ but things ultimately didn’t work out. She shared,

“The truth is, she asked me to get on that song.”

Nicki Minaj continued,

“It’s not that I’m too busy at all. It’s just, there were middle people involved in that situation so I had told her, if it was like how me and BIA were direct and we dealt with each other directly, it would be different. But I didn’t love that song because I didn’t think I could bring anything to it.”

Nicki Minaj added that she requested for Doja Cat’s team to send her another song from her album to be a part of but they never did.

“So I asked them to send me something else, I think that was the second song they sent me. But I asked them to send me something else and they didn’t send me anything else.”

Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj

When a fan pointed out that the song was seemingly inspired by Nicki Minaj’s own 2010 single ‘Massive Attack’ the ‘Super Bass’ rapper shared that she doesn’t really like that song. She continued and spoke more on what she looks for when doing collaborations with artists.

“It’s just that if I don’t feel like I can bring something unique to the record, I don’t wanna do it anymore. So right now, there are a lot of artists, I’m talking about artists that I really like, that ask for us to do a feature. And I just told all of them like, ‘Yo, let’s really get the right thing. Cause right now, it’s a different everything for me.’ I don’t wanna just do sh*t just to do sh*t. And especially with artists that I love and stuff, I really wanna make a moment with them that’s gonna last.”

‘Get Into It (Yuh)’ is the 4th song featured on Doja Cat’s ‘Planet Her’ album. The song is reported to be Doja Cat’s tribute to fellow rapper Nicki Minaj. Towards the end of the track Doja Cat seemingly thanks Nicki Minaj for paving the way for her and says,

“Thank you, Nicki, I love you!”

She adds,

“Got that big rocket launcher”

which is a lyric from Nicki Minaj’s song ‘Massive Attack.’

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel