Drake Producer Clarifies R. Kelly Sample On ‘Certified Lover Boy’: To Think We Would Stand Beside That Guy Is Incredibly Disgusting

Drake Producer Clarifies R. Kelly Sample On ‘Certified Lover Boy’: To Think We Would Stand Beside That Guy Is Incredibly Disgusting

Update #1 (Sept. 6): Drake’s producer Noah “40” Shebib is explaining why R. Kelly is credited on his latest album.

He commented on a post from Ravyn Wngz and wrote,

On a song called tsu at the beginning is a sample of OG Ron c talking. Behind that faintly which you can’t even hear is an r Kelly song playing in the background. It has no significance no lyrics are present, r Kelly’s voice isn’t even present but if we wanted to use Ron c talking we were forced to license it.”

He admitted,

“Doesn’t sit well with me let me just say that. And I’m not here to defend drakes lyrics, but I thought I would clear up that there is no actual r Kelly present and it’s a bit misleading to call him a co lyricist. It’s kinda wild cause I was just reading “Baby Girl” by Kathy Iandoli and the recounts of some of that stuff is horrific and disgusting. Then I saw this post and just had to say something because to think we would stand beside that guy or write with him is just incredibly disgusting.”

As for why they didn’t refrain from using the sample, he explained:

“I dont think we even knew about it until the final hours when through clearance we discovered it. At that point it’s about the integrity of the art for the artist and that’s not my place to mess with it. I’m an engineer ultimately my job is to help an artist deliver their vision. There’s lots I don’t agree with and I voice my opinion but I definitely don’t subscribe to all the lyrics. I’m worried about sound and sonics melodies and progressions … that’s my place.”

He also addressed speculation that R. Kelly got paid, and explained why they didn’t have OG Ron C re-record the phrase.


Original Story: Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy’ is making headlines – but not everyone is applauding the Toronto rapper’s latest body of work.

Released at 2 a.m. on Sept. 3, ‘Certified Lover Boy’ made its debut with a 21-song tracklist featuring samples from the Beatles and Notorious B.I.G. 

But fans were surprised when WhoSampled.com revealed Drake’s new song ‘TSU’ was a sample of R. Kelly’s single, ‘Half on a Baby.’

‘TSU’ reportedly has the same intro found on the 1998 song, which is why alongside Drake and producers, R.Kelly is credited as a songwriter on the track.

The singer is currently on trial for sex trafficking and racketeering.

R. Kelly

While R.Kelly’s music has been sampled by many in Hip Hop, including Drake on previous albums, due his past and current legal issues coming to light, many fans find it inappropriate to play, use, or sample the singer’s music.

Following the discovery, some social media users quickly took to Twitter to expresses their disappointment while others came to Drake’s defense. See a few reactions below.

What are your thoughts on R.Kelly’s music being sampled? Share your thoughts in the comments. 


Authored by: Ellori Nicole