Baby Blue Of Pretty Ricky Walks For The 1st Time Since Being Shot

Baby Blue Of Pretty Ricky Walks For The 1st Time Since Being Shot

Baby Blue of Pretty Ricky is on the road to recovery.

He was seen walking for the first time since being shot earlier this week.

The major milestone came just a day after he was told he would have to learn to walk and breathe again, according to TMZ.

But instead, he reportedly took a few steps Friday (April 22nd).

In a video obtained by the publication, workers of a Florida hospital help him get out of his hospital bed. He uses a walker to help him down the hallway.

While his recovery is day by day, he’s on the right path as he also began breathing on his own after previously needing a ventilator to help him.

Baby Blue (born Diamond Blue Smith) was shot during an attempted robbery at SpareZ Bowling Alley in Davie, Florida earlier this week. He was defending his cousin and attempted to grab the gun from one of the two suspects – his brother and Pretty Ricky groupmate, Spectacular Smith, said.

The suspects were allegedly trying to take a gold necklace. The bullet is said to have gone through Baby Blue’s shoulder and hit his lung.

A graphic video of the aftermath was also shared. See it here.

Baby Blue released his first statement a day after the shooting.

Great to see him recovering! 

Authored by: Char Patterson