Bill Cosby Accuser Andrea Constand Speaks On His Release From Prison: I Was Really Shocked & Disappointed

Bill Cosby Accuser Andrea Constand Speaks On His Release From Prison: I Was Really Shocked & Disappointed

Andrea Constand is breaking her silence regarding Bill Cosby‘s release from prison.

Earlier today (Tuesday, Sept. 7th), The Today Show aired its interview with Andrea Constand–one of the women who accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault. Notably, this was Andrea Constand‘s first interview following Bill Cosby‘s release from prison.

Back in 2018, Bill Cosby was sentenced to 3-10 years in prison for sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004. Dozens of other women also accused him of sexually assaulting them in earlier years as well. However, his conviction was ultimately overturned after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court discovered that the criminal charges violated a plea agreement made with a former D.A.

Regarding Bill Cosby being released from prison, Andrea Constand said:

“I was really shocked. I was really shocked [and] disappointed. [The American justice system] is flawed.”

She then explicitly addressed the agreement that led to Bill Cosby‘s conviction being overturned:

“How can a district attorney enforce a decision on a backroom handshake. How could you give any credibility to that?”

After the interviewer inquired whether the legal ordeal was “worth it” in the end, Andrea Constand responded:

“I’ve come way too far to go back to that place to wonder if it’s all worth it or have regrets. It was worth it. But it was worth it because I didn’t feel alone. I had a whole community, a whole army of women and other survivors. Strangers, family, friends who were right there with me.”

She added:

“Bill Cosby walks free. But it doesn’t change the fact that my testimony was believed.”

Andrea Constand then acknowledged how she felt watching Bill Cosby joyfully celebrate his release earlier this summer:

“[It felt] disgusting. It didn’t surprise me given the level of the arrogance and having no remorse during the time that he was incarcerated. Absolutely zero remorse for what he did to me.”


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She then called the disgraced comedian “a sexually violent predator who basically was let out of jail.”

It is also worth noting that Andrea Constand addressed Phylicia RashadBill Cosby‘s former costar who publicly celebrated his release from prison. Phylicia Rashad commemorated Bill Cosby‘s release by tweeting:

“FINALLY!!!! A terrible wrong is being righted–a miscarriage of justice is corrected!”

Regarding Phylicia Rashad‘s comment, Andrea Constand said:

“It’s disappointing to hear somebody who is in such a powerful position herself not to support survivors.”

You can watch the interview down below:

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Authored by: Nick Alexander Fenley