DaBaby Gets Vulnerable In New Single ‘Lonely’ Featuring Lil Wayne

DaBaby Gets Vulnerable In New Single ‘Lonely’ Featuring Lil Wayne

Looks like DaBaby is not shying away from the spotlight anytime soon. Just last week he dropped a freestyle to WizKid’s “Essence.” And today, September 9th, he dropped his newest single “Lonely” with Lil Wayne which seems to have a more introspective and vulnerable sound.

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He teased that he’d be working with “The Best Rapper Alive,” on Sept. 8th but didn’t let fans know it was Lil Wayne until the drop.

DaBaby speaks about the death of his brother on the song in graphic detail. He lost his brother last November and says,

“I saw my big brother laid out with his brains blowed out
It’s been catchin’ up to me
Sh*t, how would you act if your bro took his life?”


He also speaks about having mood swings and getting into therapy.

“I been having mood swings like a gemini. I can use the murder for therapy.”

Despite showing off a more vulnerable side some fans have not forgiven him for his past actions and aren’t really vibing with the song. Some even tweeted that he’s trying to play the victim after causing so much drama with his homophobic remarks this past July.


Not all the commentary was negative. A lot of fans praised DaBaby for using Lil Wayne on the song.

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Authored by: Briana Gabrielle