Ice Cube Admits To Almost Killing A Neighbor For Cheating His Mother Out Of $20

Ice Cube

Ice Cube Admits To Almost Killing A Neighbor For Cheating His Mother Out Of $20

It was not a good day for Ice Cube, 52, when he nearly killed a man for tried to cheat his mother out of her money.

The rapper and actor, whose real name is O’Shea Jackson Sr., reportedly admitted in a new interview with Graham Bensinger, that he almost killed a neighbor after they swindled $20 from his mother.

Ice Cube says he knew the person and even went to school with them. He went on to say,

“We knew [they] were heavy on drugs. [They] went to my house and gave my mother some cockamamie story, so she gave him $20, and I was so mad.” 

He continued,

“You violated me and my family because you knew you wasn’t ever going to give that $20 back. So, me and friends was going around the corner to kill him, and he wasn’t home. Thank God. Thank God he wasn’t home.” 

Ice Cube

The incident happened before Ice Cube joined the rap group NWA. When asked if he ever considers how different his life may have turned out had he gone through with it, he said,


“Yes, I do. Like I said, I’m glad he wasn’t there, because nobody should die over $20. We were young and mad and we had a weapon and it was going to happen.”

He added,

“It would’ve been stupid, and I wouldn’t be sitting here if it did happen.” 

But this is not the first time the Friday star almost lost an opportunity. While visiting the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast this past July, Cube recalled ignoring filmmaker John Singleton for his role in ‘Boyz From the Hood. 

Ice Cube said that he ignored Singleton, who passed away in 2019, for months but the director wouldn’t ‘give up.’ After a couple of years of trying, John Singleton finally got the script to Cube, who after reading it, realized that it mirrored his own life.

John Singleton

With Cube starring as ‘Doughboy,’ Boyz N the Hood brought in $60 million with John Singleton becoming the youngest and first African American to be nominated for Best Director at the Oscars. On his relationship with Singleton, Ice Cube said,

“I just miss him. That dude became my mentor in the game, helped me actually become a screenwriter. He helped me direct, he helped me produce. Every time I needed some advice, I would call him because he went to school and went through all this. I didn’t go to none of that stuff so I would lean on him, and he was always gracious, and I miss that dude.”
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Authored by: Ellori Nicole