NBA YoungBoy & Label Mate NoCap Get Into Heated Dispute Seemingly Over Song Payment: You A F*cking Worker B*tch, You Ain’t My Brother

NBA YoungBoy, NoCap

NBA YoungBoy & Label Mate NoCap Get Into Heated Dispute Seemingly Over Song Payment: You A F*cking Worker B*tch, You Ain’t My Brother

It’s safe to say fans won’t be getting another NBA YoungBoy (real name Kentrell DeSean Gaulden) and NoCap collaboration any time soon.

NoCap (real name Kobe Vidal Crawford) signed to NBA YoungBoy’s Never Broke Again Entertainment record label in 2017. The two have since joined forces on music, but it seems that they won’t be doing so anymore.

NBA YoungBoy thinks that NoCap is intimidated and has been sneak dissing him. The father of 10 also said his label mate owes him money.

The beef kicked off bright and early Friday (Nov. 18) morning, with the official Instagram account for the NBA label calling out an unidentified rapper. The post read,

“I pay attention to all that slick *ss sh*t you be doing and saying. You a b*tch *ss ni**a. What I call a real rapper? We don’t do music ’cause I don’t [f*ck with you]. Stop speaking on me to these people. You my daddy artist. You a f*cking worker b*tch, you ain’t my brother. F*ck you. Pay me.”

NoCap took to his Instagram Stories hours later, making it known that the post was aimed at him. He said,

“I see it’s my turn dis week huh? I never did u nun bad. I screamed free you before and after every venue/club. I carried dis sh*t when u was gone. I stop f*ckin with n*ggas who would’ve did whateva to see me win to stay loyal to yo hatin *ss. [And] let me know what I owe u. I don’t recall u giving sh*t.”

The “Ghetto Angels” rapper continued,

“I took the blame for why we don’t do music cus I was tryna keep ya hater card clean but nah we really don’t do music cus he probably [scared] I’ll be bigger on some baby sh*t. Bruh told Atlantic he wanted money for the feature on Mr. Crawford. U never supported me. U posted my sh*t once, I been signed to NBA for 3 years. But I’m raw so kept dis sh*t going on my own.”

NoCap NoCap

NBA YoungBoy responded, letting his label mate know their issues go far beyond music. He said,

“Jay-Z can’t out rap me boy, this ain’t bout no music. You just a scary b*tch. I wanted revenged on the labels n*gga. I’m holding over here. You ain’t even got 300k for yo tax bill clown. Just project yourself p*ssy. … You ran with me because I was popping at the moment. Sh*t hit the fan you couldn’t even take a picture with Quando. You a b*tch. F*ck you, n*gga. Let yo mama love you.”

The “Lonely Child” rapper also made it known that he does not respect NoCap, or anybody else for that matter. He added,

“Yk I ain’t got no filter ion respect none of you N*ggas. F*ck you 10x with my herpes d*ck. P*ssy im too genuine.”

NBA YoungBoy, NoCap

NBA YoungBoy, NoCap NBA YoungBoy, NoCap

He continued,

“Go make a song bout it b*tch, make me some money. The show must go on.”

The beef between the two men appears to be a lot deeper than what’s on the surface, but it’s safe to say they won’t be linking up for music any time soon.


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Authored by: S. G.