Eazy-E Allegedly Gave 2 Women HIV/AIDS, WE tv Special Reveals

Eazy-E Allegedly Gave 2 Women HIV/AIDS, WE tv Special Reveals

The Mysterious Death of Eazy-E series on WE tv is tackling the conspiracies behind Eazy-E’s untimely death.

He died on March 26th, 1995 from AIDS-induced pneumonia only one month after his diagnosis. In a new episode, Dr. Wilbert Jordan told hip-hop journalist, Jasmine Simpkins, that he treated two patients that allegedly contracted HIV/AIDS from the N.W.A rapper.


In the episode, the two began talking about the state of Eazy-E’s health and his sexual partners. Jasmine Simpkins said,

“We know he had a number of other women in his life. I just want to talk about that for a second.”

Doctor Wilbert Jordan chimed in and said,

“Yes two of them were my patients.”

He also goes on to to say,

“One is still my patient.”

Simpkins adds,

“So they were indeed infected?”

To which Dr. Jordan responds,

“Oh yeah they were infected.” 

In the video, viewers were able to find out that the two alleged patients are still living and Dr. Jordan was able to save their lives. This is just one of the shocking revelations the WE tv series has uncovered. Another is related to the rapper’s children and his will.

In one clip Eazy-E’s daughter, E.B. Wright, reveals that she and her siblings didn’t get much from her late father’s will. She tells Eazy-E’s former attorney,

“The moms were contesting the will really so that all of us kids would get everything instead of where it was going to. And I’m not gonna say we got absolutely nothing.. but we got very close to nothing out of this deal.”

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Authored by: Briana Gabrielle