R. Kelly Prosecutors Rest Case In Trial + Witness Asks To Play Demo Tape For Singer In Court


R. Kelly Prosecutors Rest Case In Sexual Assault Trial + Witness Asks To Play Demo Tape For Singer In Court

The trial against R. Kelly is coming to a close, but not without an interesting request from a witness.
After almost a month of proceedings, the federal prosecutors in the trial against singer R. Kelly, 54, have rested their case.

R. Kelly

In the trial, which started in August of this year, jurors heard from 45 witnesses who testified against R.Kelly, who is facing racketeering and sex trafficking charges.
Witnesses ranged from former girlfriends to employees who testified against the singer alleging that he sexually and physically abused them, directed them to stay in rooms for days, and made them ask for permission to leave.

R. Kelly

Pushing back against a victim who claims the singer raped her when she was 17,  Kelly’s defense attorney Deveraux Cannick asked,
“The humiliation and trauma did not cause you to go in front of law enforcement until 25 years later?” 
R. Kelly rose to fame after the success of his song, ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ in 1996. Due to this, his defense is attempting to portray his accusers as fans who wanted to capitalize off of R. Kelly’s fame, even introducing a witness who asked to play his demo for the singer but was denied by the judge.

Meanwhile, one of R. Kelly’s former employees, Nicholas Williams, shared that it was difficult testifying in front of R. Kelly, who he claims was angry all the time. He added,
“I was nervous when I first came in here because I finally had time to look him in the eyes.” 
Prosecutors pointed out that testifying has been tough for several of the witnesses including one at the end who claims she was physically assaulted by R. Kelly when they were in a relationship, and that she had a panic attack the weekend before testifying.
At the heart of the case, prosecutors aimed to prove that R. Kelly is allegedly the head of a criminal enterprise seeking to ‘recruit women and girls to engage in illegal sexual activity and abuse.
R. Kelly has pleaded not guilty to all charges.
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Authored by: Ellori Nicole