50 Cent Blasts T.I. For Past Crime Stoppers Commercial, Tells Him To ‘Respectfully Stay Away From Me’

50 Cent Blasts T.I. For Past Crime Stoppers Commercial, Tells Him To ‘Respectfully Stay Away From Me’

50 Cent is slamming T.I. for an ad he did over a decade ago!

Back in 2010, T.I. infamously did a commercial for the Atlanta branch of Crime Stoppers, a community organization that combats criminal activity with anonymous tips from the public.

Earlier this month, T.I. spoke about his memorable commercial during an interview on the Big Facts podcast. Notably, T.I. was asked about how he feels when others call him a rat due to the ad. In response, he doubled-down on his decision by saying:

“If there was another commercial that I could shoot to tell people who are law abiding citizens to call the police if crime is happening, and it would keep me from doing 10 years for some guns that I was using to protect myself–if I could make that video again in that same circumstance, I would do it time and time again. I ain’t that gangsta!… [But] I ain’t finna tell on nobody, I ain’t finna take no stand, I ain’t wanna get nobody locked up, I ain’t finna do nothing that gonna cause nobody more time.”

He was then specifically asked about how he feels when New York rappers like 50 Cent speak down on the ad. T.I. replied:

“When you’re fighting somebody with no arms, expect to get kicked. N***as do what they can… N***as go with whatever they can to hurt you. Whatever they feel will hurt you! What they don’t know is I don’t give a f**k. I am at peace with myself, I know who I am, I know what I’ve done, I know what I haven’t done. I ain’t got nothing to be ashamed of–I walk around this motherf**ker with my head up, with my chest out… I don’t give a f**k ’bout how nobody feel about me. If they really didn’t like it, they would approach me with their anger and get met with equal opposite action.”

A week after the interview aired, 50 Cent addressed it on Instagram. In a now-deleted upload, 50 Cent reposted the aforementioned clip and wrote:

“This was a week ago, This n***a was telling me about a comedy show he working on backstage. I don’t like all this kinda s**t. It wouldn’t be a good idea to come around me again respectfully stay away from me.”

50 Cent and T.I.‘s beef over the matter began last year after T.I. challenged 50 Cent to a Verzuz battle. T.I. issued the challenge in an Instagram video, saying:

“We love POWER / For LIFE/ BMF & everything u doin on ….
Now pull up and catch this Trap Muzik fade big fella…. @50cent
 @verzuztv @therealswizzz @timbaland #24hrsToRespond
Hook this s**t UP!! I AINT SCARED OF THIS N***A! Westside Zone1 Atown BANKHEAD S**T UDIGG ITS DA KIIIIIIING B*****H!!  -drops mic.”


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50 Cent ultimately declined and, shortly thereafter, referenced T.I.‘s Crime Stoppers ad as a diss.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley