Rick Ross Claims NBA YoungBoy Once Gifted Him A Tiger

Rick Ross, NBA YoungBoy

Rick Ross Claims NBA YoungBoy Once Gifted Him A Tiger

Rick Ross recently revealed what it was like caring for a wild animal as a pet.

During an appearance on “BS w/ Jake Paul,” rapper Rick Ross spoke on a lot of different topics and recalled the time when NBA YoungBoy gave him a baby tiger. Rick Ross shared the story when fellow rapper Meek Mill, 35, decided to bring the 22-year-old Baton Rouge rapper and his tiger cub over to his house — which he refers to as the “Promise Land.”

Rick Ross

Ross, 46, noted that he loved the baby tiger, but the animal became too much for him to handle. The Maybach Music Group CEO said,

“Meek Mill brought NBA YoungBoy over to the Promised Land one night. NBA YoungBoy had a small cat. It felt like a little tiger. Some kind of way, it ended up at the Promise Land. Small tiger, I liked the tiger, the tiger liked me. It’s NBA YoungBoy’s tiger.”

NBA YoungBoy

Ross continued,

“I went out of town for two weeks, came back, fed the tiger. Noticed the tiger’s nails were a little sharp. No problem. I liked the tiger, the tiger liked me.”

Rick Ross

Eventually, Rozay realized that the baby tiger he once fell in love with is now becoming a full grown tiger and was hard to manage. He said he tried to return NBA YoungBoy’s tiger to him but he couldn’t reach him. He explained,

“Go out of town come back two weeks later. The tiger’s f*cking nails are f*cking outta control. Everybody’s scared to feed the f*cking tiger. Now it’s a tiger for real. Every time I come back it’s different and I’m just like, yo I tried, Meek Mill, NBA YoungBoy when you coming to get the tiger.”

Meek Mill

In the end, the business mogul had to remove the tiger from the Promise Land. Ross added,

“I’m scared to feed the tiger at this point the tiger is going to starve. Long story short… I kept the little tiger maybe two months then we had to make some changes.”

Reportedly, Ross has a bunch of animals at his Promise Land mansion located in Fayetteville, Georgia — including a bull and a buffalo.

Rick Ross

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely