Jamie Foxx Spotted Holding Hands With Mystery Woman

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx Spotted Holding Hands With Mystery Woman

Could Jamie Foxx have a new lady in his life?

Jamie Foxx, 53, was seen with a woman in West Hollywood. In a photo (see here) taken earlier this week, the singer was spotted holding hands with a mystery woman as they entered Poppy nightclub.

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Jamie Foxx

Seemingly coordinating in cream and orange tones, the pair was accompanied by four other women who were seen exiting the same mini-van as Jamie Foxx and the unidentified woman.

This is the first woman Jamie Foxx has been spotted with since ending his six-year relationship with Katie Holmes and allegedly dating model and singer, Sela Vave. 

Katie Holmes

Sela Vave

Sela Vave was reportedly living with Foxx but the two denied they were dating and alleged Jamie Foxx was mentoring her in music. On his relationship with Sela Vave, Foxx previously said,

People are saying I’m dating the girl, let me just say this, that’s absolutely not true! That girl hangs out with my kids. My young daughter loves her, my oldest daughter loves her. I talk to her mom, her parents, I know the nature of the business that we’re in, so I don’t trip on headlines, you know what I’m saying, I don’t trip on that.”

Sela Vave, Jamie Foxx

He added,

“I got a 25-year-old daughter and I don’t date in my daughters range ever! I always try to make sure that my daughter can look and me say, ‘Hey dad, you ain’t screwing up.’ I wanted to be able to address that.”

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Authored by: Ellori Nicole