T.I. Defends Boosie After His Instagram Account Is Deactivated Again: Disrespect To Him Is Disrespect To US!

T.I. Defends Boosie After His Instagram Account Is Deactivated Again

The rappers of the south have something to say and social media won’t stop that.

Clifford Harris Jr. (aka T.I.) is defending his southern rap friend, Boosie, 38 after his Instagram was deactivated yet again. Earlier this week, Boosie explained on Twitter why he felt his Instagram account had been taken for the third time.


In a tweet, Boosie wrote,

“My IG was taken for nothing again. They must have found out I have a film that Im promoting. Please continue to buy my film despite this move to stop. the success of my struggle. Yall all I got against these powerful people. Buy it twice to boost my first week numbers, thanks.” 

T.I. later reposted the tweet with a caption saying,

“But why dey keep f***** wit woe? Can’t they see the culture has spoken & has appointed him as our Official Representative of Cultural Authenticity??? Disrespect to him is disrespect to US!! #FreeDaRep #StopBullyingBoosie”

As reported, this is not the first time Boosie’s account has been deactivated. His account was deleted last year and again in March of this year for not following community guidelines.


The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri previously spoke about Boosie’s account on The Breakfast Club saying,

“You’ve gotta draw the line somewhere. It’s a nudity policy. We try to be clear. You can appeal but if you get too many strikes, something will happen… There are things where we just have to draw the line or define a rule that is practical.”


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Authored by: Ellori Nicole