NBA YoungBoy Fans Call On Joe Biden To Release Rapper From Jail, Petition Receives Over 100K Signatures

NBA YoungBoy Fans Call On Joe Biden To Release Rapper From Jail, Petition Receives Over 100K Signatures

NBA YoungBoy fans are looking to President Joe Biden to free the rapper from jail.

NBA YoungBoy, who was named the third highest-paid rapper earlier this year, (born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden) was arrested back in March after he evaded LAPD officers and was found with two firearms in his possession. Because the rapper is a convicted felon, he is not allowed to own guns–and, to top it off, one of the weapons was unregistered. Police were pursuing the rapper over for an outstanding warrant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was denied bond in July and will remain behind bars until his trial, which has not been scheduled yet. He is scheduled to appear in court later this month.

Now, fans are looking to the president to get him out. A petition was launched on called “Joe Biden Needs To Free NBA YoungBoy.”
It reads,
“21-year-old multi-platinum selling recording artist Kentrell Gaulden, better known by his stage name YoungBoy Never Broke Again, was arrested along with 16 others during a video shoot on September 28, 2020, and released the next day. Nearly 6 months later on March 22, 2021, he was once again targeted and arrested on a federal warrant related to the first arrest.”
It continues and suggests he’s the victim of a wrongful arrest.
“His March 22nd arrest was handled under the codename “Operation Never Free Again” which was a play on his stage name and brand, “Never Broke Again”. The arrest which was supposed to be a simple warrant arrest was carried out in a way that made it seem he was a suspect to a subject more crucial to his image. This caused the “Life Support” rapper, who was in fear of his life, to flee. Also in the act of his second arrest, for which he is currently being held in St. Martinville, Louisana at St. Martin Parish Jail with no bond, he was not read his Miranda Rights.”

NBA YoungBoy

The petition goes on to point out that NBA YoungBoy’s latest album is slated to be released next month, but he won’t be able to enjoy its success because he’s in jail. It also calls for him to be released in time for his 22nd birthday (Oct. 20) and after his next scheduled court dates on Oct. 18 and Oct. 19.

“The rapper’s third official studio album with Atlantic Records titled “Sincerely, Kentrell”, will be released this Friday on the 24th and he won’t be out to see its success and tremendous rise. Although his next court cases are scheduled to be on the dates of 10/18 and 10/19, there’s a slight chance that he would be able to be released and celebrate his birthday on the 20th with family and friends.” 
It ends with,
“It is with great belief that Mr. Gaulden would see this as a great opportunity to ameliorate himself as a person and an artist. We have watched him grow over the years and he has much more time to better himself. Being granted a release by the president himself would be life-changing and historical. Not only would the rapper be able to be with his family and friends, but he would be able to provide music for his fans and live his life. The 21-year-old 79 RIAA certifications holder isn’t a menace to society but is instead a kind-hearted soul who was mistreated and targeted by the F.B.I and Louisiana Police Department. #FreeYB #YBBetter #PresidentJoeBiden”
Joe Biden has not publicly responded to the petition, but as of Friday morning (Oct. 8), it has received nearly 118,000 signatures.
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Authored by: Char Patterson