Too Short Apologizes For His Alleged Colorist Comments: I Love My Blackness + Says Real Beauty & Ugliness Exist In All Groups Of People

Too Short Apologizes For His Alleged Colorist Comments: I Love My Blackness + Says Real Beauty & Ugliness Exist In All Groups Of People

Too Short is acknowledging his resurfaced controversy and apologizing.

As you may recall, Too Short stirred up controversy last year during an Instagram Live with fellow West Coast rapper Saweetie. While talking to Saweetie, who is half Black and half Filipino, Too Short made comments that many perceived as colorist. The 55-year-old rapper initially proclaimed:

“I love interracial relationships.”

Saweetie, 27, then prompted him to elaborate. Too Short explained:

“I am from the Bay… When I leave from the Bay–as a youngster moving around–you would see a [racially ambiguous girl], and you’re like ‘What you mixed with?’ And they would get offended! They’d be like ‘I’m Black!’ And I’m like ‘Nah, you’re definitely mixed with something,’ and they would get mad. But in the Bay, you can meet a girl and–before you even say her name–be like ‘What you mixed with?’ And she’d probably tell you that her mom is this, her dad is that.”

Too Short

He continued:

“Mixed heritage women have always been my favorite. Like, I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a woman that wasn’t mixed. And the Bay did that to me. I feel that way about life too. Like biracial babies are… You can take the two ugliest motherf**kers from different races, and they f**k and make a baby, and that baby just be beautiful! It happens all the time. It’s true!”

At this point, Saweetie interjects by exclaiming “bruh!” Too Short then adds:

“You be like ‘I know y’all did not make that pretty baby’ [but] you can see the features in it though, like ‘Y’all did, I see it!’ True story.”

Recently, Too Short‘s aforementioned comments have resurfaced, and he’s been slammed as a colorist by many. In response to the backlash, the “The Ghetto” rapper has apologized for his remarks. He recently said:

“I would like to apologize to anybody that’s offended by my words. I am from the Bay area, I come up in the Bay, and the whole racial thing to me has never been a factor in my circles… In the Bay, there are a lot of mixed cultures and mixed people. Like it was like that way before I got there.”

Too Short continued:

“I’m not really into the whole hatred of ‘I hate you because you’re light’ or ‘You’re the best because you’re dark.’ I’m just not really into that. And I love my Blackness, and I love my family on my mother’s side and my father’s side. We have every complexion–light, curly, dark, everything! You can’t have blood in your body that makes you better than someone else.”

He wrapped up his apology by saying:

“You can’t be born of better parents or better breeding. There’s no such thing. Real beauty is in every economic class, every race–and you can go find that ugly exactly everywhere too.”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley