Tammy Rivera Calls Out CVS Employee For Racially Profiling Her, CVS Says It Will Investigate

Tammy Rivera Calls Out CVS Employee For Racially Profiling Her, CVS Says It Will Investigate

Tammy Rivera just wants to shop in peace.

On Sunday (Oct. 24), rapper Waka Flocka’s wife, Tammy Rivera claimed a CVS Pharmacy employee racially profiled her while she was shopping. Now CVS is planning to launch an investigation. 

Tammy Rivera, Waka Flocka

In a video posted to her Instagram account, the reality star shows herself inside the DeKalb County, GA store, which she says she frequently visits, when the employee allegedly followed Rivera while she shopped. Tammy Rivera claims the woman yelled at her after Rivera opened a package, causing the two to exchange words before things escalated and the police were called. 


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After she returned home, Tammy Rivera explained the situation further. In another video she said, 

Hey y’all, so I’m home and I have calmed down. I’m a lot more calmer than I was earlier. I just want to clarify some things and get people to understand why I was so upset. I went inside CVS tonight because I just left Belize and I got if you can see these mosquitos bites, and they itch like h*** so I was like let me stop by and get some hydrocortisone, and of course, when you go into the store like all us females we end up getting stuff that we don’t even need. I went and grab a bonnet and some hair oil, you know whatever.”

She continued, 

But as I walk, I watch this lady watch me through three aisles. And I watch her stand behind the corner aisle acting like she fixing stuff…I’m watching her this whole time and I’m thinking to myself, look at this goofy back here watching thinking about to steal some stuff but whatever, I paid it no mind. Not once did she greet me, not once did she ask if I needed help with anything, not once did she say hello, goodnight, is there anything I can help you with? Instead, as soon as she saw me do something that she felt wasn’t right or against store policy, she – ‘don’t do that’ , and I’m telling you just like that, ‘don’t do that, don’t’ to the point I turn around and I’m like ‘who the h*** is you talking to?’ 

Describing the exchange between her and the CVS employee, she said, 

“And she said ‘you don’t do that.’ I said, ‘I’m going to pay for this,’ [she said] ‘I don’t care don’t open that’ [and] I said you know what at this point you need to get out my face because you’re being disrespectful. She followed me through the aisles and at this point, I’m going off, I ain’t even gonna lie, and she’s like you can leave and I’m like well call the police because I’m not leaving until I pay for my stuff because then you’ll say I stole something.”

Rivera goes on to say when the woman called the police, she told them she was a ‘brown woman’ citing racial profiling as to why the woman treated her that way. She added, 

“I just want to be treated fairly. I want to be treated like a human being. I don’t think I am better than anyone else, I look crazy, I look hit, I don’t look like I got anything and that’s fine. I’m not trying to look like…I’m a regular person too. So I’m not stuck in no special privileges or anything like that. I believe you greet the janitor with the same respect you greet the CEO, you know what I’m saying? That’s how I treat everyone in my everyday life and I just want to be treated the same, as a human.” 

Tammy Rivera

A rep from CVS said that due to its ‘firm non-discrimination policy’ an investigation into the incident has been launched. It’s important to mention that Rivera also said that she does not want the employee fired but instead educated. 

Do you think Tammy Rivera was racially profiled? Tell us your thoughts in the comments. 


Authored by: Ellori Nicole