Cynthia Bailey & Mike Hill Deny Recent Cheating Allegations + ‘Definitely’ Considering Legal Action If Situation Continues

Cynthia Bailey & Mike Hill Deny Recent Cheating Allegations + ‘Definitely’ Considering Legal Action If Situation Continues

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill are fighting back against infidelity rumors!

As previously reported,  Mike Hill–the husband of former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey–was recently accused of being unfaithful. A woman who goes by @Alist_xo on Twitter is the one who spearheaded the allegation as she uploaded supposed “receipts” to support her claims about Mike Hill allegedly sending her nude photos. One piece of evidence was a screenshot of Mike Hill‘s alleged Snapchat profile. She also tweeted:

“Okay well let’s say this for starters. He has sent me nudes I have videos. And no it’s not massive but it’s pretty. The nudes I’ll post some snippets of later on but those will cost ya.”

The Twitter user then uploaded now-deleted photos of Mike Hill‘s alleged nude before writing:

“So I’m learning Mike Hill cheated one Cynthia the entire time. This is why I wanted to expose him. I hate men who are so easily swayed!”

Shortly after the matter began circulating online, Mike Hill denied the allegations. The Neighborhood Talk released screenshots of an exchange between the sports commentator and an unknown Instagram user, and Mike Hill writes:

“Please don’t believe bs. Not exposing me cuz THAT’S not ME. Don’t know this person or why they’re doing this but my lawyer has been contacted.”

He continues:

“I wouldn’t do [Cynthia] like that… that pic is NOT mine. I know what I look like.”

Mike then adds:

“Cynt doesn’t believe it. She knows what I look like. She knows I don’t use snap. Only God can separate us.”

Now, both Mike Hill and Cynthia Bailey are shutting down the speculation and denying the infidelity rumors! Yesterday (Tuesday, Nov. 2nd), the paparazzi spotted the couple at LAX and explicitly brought up the aforementioned cheating allegations.

Cynthia Bailey agreed that the claims are “very annoying,” while Mike can be heard saying:

“Yeah. Stupid–not true.”

The couple was then asked if they were “all good despite the crazy accusations,” to which Cynthia responded:

“We’re great. Rumors are rumors.”

Shortly thereafter, Mike Hill revealed he would “definitely” consider legal action if the situation continues. He also shared a message for his accuser:

“I hope you get help.”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley