R.Kelly’s Cellmate Featured The Singer In His Comic Book

R.Kelly’s Cellmate Featured The Singer In His Comic Book

A rather puzzling comic made by an inmate includes an infamous singer’s likeness!

Last month, R. Kelly was officially found guilty on all counts in his high-profile sex trafficking trial in Brooklyn, New York. He is currently jailed and waiting to be sentenced this upcoming May, and he could receive anywhere between 10 years to life in prison. R. Kelly also has an upcoming child pornography trial that’s set to begin this August in Chicago, Illinois.

R. Kelly

As R. Kelly waits to learn his fate, an interesting revelation has come out about his cellmate, Brandon Hunt. Yesterday (Tuesday, Nov. 9th), Brandon Hunt–who was convicted of threatening to kill elected officials–appeared in court to advocate for his freedom. While in the courtroom, his attorney argued that Brandon Hunt has changed his ways and become an artist–showing off a jail-made comic book as alleged proof. Surprisingly, R. Kelly was featured in the comic!

The drawings feature Brandon and R. Kelly together–with perhaps the most intriguing detail being that the “Bump N’ Grind” singer is shows to be doing yoga in the comic. The illustrations also show Brandon Hunt and R. Kelly getting to know each other and forming a friendship. You can see some snippets down below.

Regarding the comic, Brandon Hunt‘s attorney stated:

“Putting his artistic talents to work, he created a Prison Comics strip, which has been enjoyed by many, and we offer a few episodes here as Exhibit F. These are comics and intended to be light. But we think they capture something more profound about the humanizing commonality that can be found even in the most dehumanizing conditions. Mr. Hunt deserves to be understood as a full spectrum human being and not packaged as a villain who is to be feared and loathed.”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley