Sunny Hostin Says ‘The View’ Needs A Conservative Voice, But Not One That Spreads Misinformation, Adheres To The Big Lies Or Is An Anti-Vaxxer

Sunny Hostin Says ‘The View’ Needs A Conservative Voice, But Not One That spreads misinformation, adheres to the big lies Or is an anti-vaxxer

Sunny Hostin is opening up about the type of co-host she has in mind for The View. In a new interview, the 53-year-old host explains that although a conservative voice is needed, it must be one willing, to tell the truth. 

On a new co-host, Sunny Hostin said,

“Right now, we still do need a really conservative voice. I also believe it’s really important to not have someone on the panel who spreads misinformation, who adheres to the big lies, who is an anti-vaxxer because I think that’s dangerous.” 

She continued, 

“We need someone that will commit [to independent and/or conservative outlooks] and we don’t have that voice. And we need someone that’s not duplicative of anyone else on the panel.”

The current panel consist of Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Sara Haines.

Whoopi Goldberg

Joy Behar

Sara Haines

The new co-host would take the place of Meghan McCain, who left the show back in July of this year. As previously reportedMeghan McCain shared many allegations about the show and her co-host in her book, Bad Republican, including feeling targeted and a ‘toxic’ work environment.

Meghan McCain

Alleging a ‘toxic work’ environment, Meghan McCain wrote 

“HR reports seem to fall on deaf ears, starting from years before I worked there. And as a result, people — both on camera and off — feel empowered to act however they like, and do whatever they want. In my four years there, I was the target of plenty of shade — too much to even begin to recount — and then I also experienced more toxic, direct, and purposeful hostility.”

On her own experience, Hostin said, 

“No one can say that she didn’t experience it in that way because it’s hers. I didn’t see it that way. I didn’t experience it the way she did. But I’m going to defer to her that she experienced it like that.”

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Authored by: Ellori Nicole