D.L. Hughley & Angela Stanton-King Get Into Heated Exchange: If You’re Black & Support Trump, You’re A Coon!

D.L. Hughley, Angela Stanton

D.L. Hughley & Angela Stanton-King Get Into Heated Exchange: If You’re Black & Support Trump, You’re A Coon!

Things have gotten a little messy between comedian/radio host, DL Hughley, and author and Republican political candidate, Angela Stanton-King; but not before having a heated moment in real life.

Angela Stanton-King said she saw D.L. Hughley at a Dallas airport (DFW) and addressed him about things he’d said about her on social media, causing him to call on his security team to diffuse the situation.

She tweeted,

“Just ran into @RealDLHughley at DFW airport. Of course I confronted him about all the Sh!t he’s been talking about me and he folded like the little punk he is and called for his security…”

When D.L. Hughley caught wind of the tweet, he responded, offering his own perspective saying that she approached him without a mask. He also called her out for being an avid supporter of President Donald Trump. He wrote:

“Don’t believe the HYPE!! I was between flights, trying to eat my breakfast. @theangelastanton comes up WITHOUT A MASK, IN THE AIRPORT and starts a conversation. She asked me if I thought BLACK TRUMP SUPPORTERS were COONS because SHE’S BLACK and a TRUMP SUPPORTER… I said “If you’re BLACK and a TRUMP SUPPORTER, YOU’RE DEFINITELY A COON!!” The situation got louder and louder and my security did what they’re SUPPOSED to do, de-escalate the situation. I have security for the same reason you wear makeup, so people don’t see s***get ugly!”



Things didn’t end there. Angela Stanton then posted a video blasting the comedian and radio host.

“First of all, D.L. Hughley is a liar. I walked up to him because I wanted to check him. On his post the other day he was saying don’t get so caught up in the hype that you disrespect a black woman – when he made his post about questioning Kamala Harris and whether or not she’s black. But at the same time, this is the man that has posted me several times in a disrespectful manner on his page. So I’m asking him, ‘Listen, if you say that about Kamala Harris, why do you use your platform to disrespect me?’ That’s what the conversation was about.”

She ended with:

“So now again, being a little man, you can’t stand up to your word and what really happened. You folded, like a punk. Have a good day.”


She continued throwing virtual jabs at the Kings of Comedy veteran and added a video of him expressing his regret that he didn’t believe his daughter when she first told him she was sexually assaulted.


D.L. Hughley came back with another response for the political candidate, bringing up her past as she previously spent two years in prison for her participation in a car theft ring. She was later pardoned by Donald Trump. Hughley wrote:

“It’s funny how #CarThief @theangelastanton would call anybody a punk when the coward she supports is so scared of losing a fair election he’s stealing mailboxes! Maybe that’s why he pardoned you since you’re an expert on stealing s***!”

He also posted a collage of her previous mugshots with the caption:

“If this 6ft broad rolled up on YOU in the middle of your breakfast, wouldn’t your security step in?? I thought she was gonna ask me “You gon’ eat your cornbread”?Real talk, the ONLY reason those RIGHT WING WHITE POLITICIANS even mess with her is because she says s*** to BLACK folks THEY WISH THEY COULD SAY and NOT be called a racist!! Now who wants to print these out and play some MUGSHOT BINGO”

Angela Stanton responded by posting her own mugshots. She wrote:

“No one can tell your story better than you. Many people think they can tell the story that I’ve already told. It’s always better when it comes from the horses mouth… Live in it! Use it to make you better”

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Authored by: Robin Ayers