Travis Scott Hit W/ Over 100 Lawsuits For Astroworld Tragedy, Attorneys Claim They’re Planning To File 90 More

Travis Scott Hit W/ Over 100 Lawsuits Over Astroworld Tragedy, Attorneys Claim They’re Planning To File 90 More

Travis Scott‘s Astroworld Festival lawsuits are continuing to pile up–and they’ve now hit the triple-digits!

Since last week’s highly-publicized Astroworld catastrophe–where nine people died and hundreds were injured–Travis Scott has faced waves of backlash. People have specifically slammed the “SICKO MODE” rapper for continuing to perform during the violent crowd surge, and Travis Scott‘s attempts at addressing the matter have been criticized by some as insincere and performative.

Travis Scott

Additionally, other troubling accounts of Travis‘ character have also come out–including an allegation that he left his former manager for dead while suffering a seizure during a studio session. A 2015 video of him inciting audience members to beat up a fan has also garnered widespread backlash.

As Travis Scott remains embroiled in controversy within the court of public opinion, his legal issues are adding up as well! During a recent news conference, attorney Ben Crump announced that he and fellow lawyer Alex Hilliard are preparing to file 90 new lawsuits in the Astroworld case.

The lawyers are also reportedly representing over 200 people in the matter and have already filed 110 lawsuits against Travis and Live Nation. The specific details of the lawsuits remain unclear.

You can watch the press conference on the Astroworld tragedy down below:

Travis Scott remains largely inactive on social media and has not uploaded since Saturday (Nov. 6th). His spokesperson spoke out earlier today.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley