Sza Interrupts Concert To Check On Fans: I just want to see faces, smiles, and hands so I’m clear.


Sza Interrupts Concert To Check On Fans: She Scared Me So Much

SZA is one of many celebrities influenced by the events that took place at the Astroworld Festival. While performing in Denver on her Good Days tour, SZA abruptly stopped her show to ensure her fans were doing well. 


In the video, SZA says, 

“Hold on! Okay, real quick, is everybody okay in here? In the back are you good? Are you sure that you’re good? Are you good? I just want to see faces, smiles, and hands so I’m clear. Okay, okay, sorry, sorry, sorry, from the top real quick! She scared me so much.” 


@sza making sure we were good at her concert #sza #gooddaystour

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Earlier this week, Teyana Taylor also stopped her performance to help a fan who seemingly got overheated at her show.

Teyana Taylor

In the clip, Teyana Taylor says, 

“Is she okay? Bring her up here. Come on, come on! Is she okay? We ain’t doing that, come on! Oh no, no, no I’m about to retire you’re not suing me.” 

Both artists stopping the show to check on fans comes just a few weeks after eight people were killed and others severally injured at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas. 

Travis Scott

As previously reported, Travis Scott is also reportedly planning to cover the funeral costs for the victims and is partnering up with BetterHelp to provide free mental health services to attendees, including individual virtual therapy. 


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Authored by: Ellori Nicole