Dr. Dre’s Ex Wife Says Producer Owes Over $1 Million In Legal Fees, Asks Sheriff Department To Help Collect Cash

Dr. Dre, Nicole Young

Dr. Dre’s Ex Wife Says Producer Owes Over $1 Million In Legal Fees, Asks Sheriff Department To Help Collect Cash

Nicole Young’s legal team has recently filed a writ of execution against Dr. Dre, 56, in hopes of collecting over $1 million from the music mogul, according to Radar Online. This hefty bill will cover a portion of Nicole Young’s legal fees that Dr. Dre, born Andre Young, was previously ordered to pay. The court order reportedly called for Dr. Dre to pay his ex-wife $1,224,607 for past legal fees. However, Nicole Young’s legal team is claiming that Dr. Dre has only handed over $300,000 towards the bill.

The court documents state:

“Andre is doing whatever he wants to do because he is an enormously entitled and well-funded litigant who seeks to exact revenge on his former wife by decimating her financially leaving her without legal representation in this case.”

Nicole, 51, is at a financial disadvantage in the ongoing battle against her ex-billionaire husband and allegedly has only $1 million in her own bank account.

The legal documents also ask for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to ‘enforce the judgment.’ It’s speculated that the Sheriff’s Department will more than likely step in to help to serve the paperwork to the ‘High Powered’ rapper.

Dr. Dre

If Dr. Dre still doesn’t pay the remainder of his alleged bill, Nicole, 51, could then proceed with levying the judgment against his bank accounts to collect the remainder of what’s owed, which grows with $335 interest every day.

As previously reported, after 24 years of marriage, Nicole filed for divorce from Dr. Dre in July 2020. In total, she is reportedly seeking $4.2 million to cover her legal fees and needs $551,000 for work done between July and September this year, as well as $3.5 million for upcoming legal fees and another $215,000 for appeal expenses.

Dr. Dre was previously ordered to pay Nicole $293,306 every month in spousal support in a temporary order. The pair were declared ‘officially divorced’ this past June but they are still battling over the validity of their pre-nuptial agreement.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel