Faith Evans Doesn’t Want To Pay Stevie J Spousal Support

Faith Evans Challenges Stevie J’s Spousal Support Request & Petitions To Retain All Personal Assets

The back-and-forth between Stevie J and Faith Evans is still going strong!

You may recall that rumors have been circulating that Stevie J recently filed to divorce Faith Evans, who have been married since 2018. The pair’s turbulent relationship has also played out online since this speculation began, namely due to a troubling video that showed Stevie J angrily accusing Faith Evans of infidelity.

Faith Evans, Stevie J

Earlier this week, news also broke that Stevie had allegedly filed to receive spousal support from Faith. He also wants the “Love Like This” singer to pay his legal fees, and he’s asking the judge to

“terminate the court’s ability to award support to [Faith Evans].”

Now, Faith Evans is fighting back against Stevie J‘s request! According to recent reports, Faith Evans is asking for the court to dismiss the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star’s spousal support petition.

The singer’s also looking to keep all her personal assets in the divorce, asking for the court to grant her

“all property acquired prior to marriage, by gift, inheritance, or devise, and after the date of separation.”

It’s also worth noting that the pair is disagreeing on when exactly they separated. Reportedly, Stevie J says that the pair were together until Oct. 2021, while Faith Evans claims they separated back in May 2020. This glaring discrepancy will have to be sorted out in order for the entire process to eventually be settled–especially if they don’t have a prenup.

Despite this update, Stevie and Faith are still following each other on social media. Neither one has publicly commented on the matter.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley