Shantel Jackson On Why She & Ex-Boyfriend Nelly Broke Up After 7 Years

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Shantel Jackson, Nelly

Shantel Jackson On Why She & Ex-Boyfriend Nelly Broke Up After 7 Years

Shantel Jackson is opening up about her split from boyfriend Nelly. The model and former reality star and rapper recently revealed that they had ended their relationship after seven years.

During her recent appearance on The Real, Shantel explained why things ended. She explains,

OK, so when we started our relationship, I was always on the road with him. Traveling, out of the country, on concerts, all that good stuff. But then, when it came to a point where I was home more often building my company Shoe Gummi or just working on my brand, and him being on the road, me being on the road less with him, we started to grow apart, and it just became an issue with, ‘you know what? what are we doing? what are we gonna do?’ And, we just had to come to the realization of look, let’s take this time and see if this split is going to bring it back full circle for us and honestly, that’s what we’re doing.

Nelly, Shantel Jackson

So when asked if it’s a “break” essentially, Shantel responds:

Yeah, you can say that. A break, split, but I feel like it’s important that we take the time to just do it. Me personally, I feel like it’s important for me, because if our relationship is gonna come back, it’s gonna come back. If this break is going to stop that, then it’s kind of inevitable, if that makes sense. 

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