I’m Sorry! Young Thug Apologizes to The Game [VIDEO]

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After slamming each other on social media, two rappers have officially called a truce. Earlier this week, a feud popped off between The Game and Young Thug. As previously reported, the fall-out began when The Game was performing at a New Orleans club & he took verbal aim at Young Thug and defended Lil Wayne. He told club goers:

My n*gga Tune ain’t never been Hollywood. He’s just been Holygrove. You know what the f*ck it is n*gga. Westside in this mutha f*cka. Anybody f*ckin’ with Tune, got a f*ckin’ problem w/ me. I will f*ck Young Thug up on Piru n*gga. West side n*gga.

After footage of the above was seen by a ton of folk, Young Thug included — Instagram video disses began to flood our timelines. Each threatened and clowned each other, but thankfully, they’ve squashed this before anything serious took place.


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta