Dreezy & Jacquees Break Up In Nasty Back & Forth: You’re Blocked, I’m Single, Go Play W/ Yo Ex

Dreezy, Jacquees

Dreezy & Jacquees Break Up In Nasty Back & Forth: You’re Blocked, I’m Single, Go Play W/ Yo Ex

Rapper Dreezy has had an on and off again relationship with singer Jacquees over the past few years, and it seems as though the pair have finally called it quits in a nasty Twitter breakup.

Both Dreezy and Jacquees aired their dirty laundry in a series of tweets Sunday night Oct. 5.  It all began when Jacquees took to Twitter adding the throwing up emoji on one of Dreezy’s posts. He then announced the split saying,

“JACQUEES single”

He then followed up with:

“I feel so Crazy when I love genuine and folks be fake it kill me sorry for stepping out of my character to all my Fans…”

Dreezy caught wind of Jacquees’s statement’s and replied,

“N***a tryna clout chase now and KNOW I’m not wit all that sh*t at all. You’re blocked. I’m single. And I’m logging off. Go play wit yo ex.”

Jacquees then replied with,

“Go play wit ya self lol”

Dreezy also added:

“Yu gone kill yo self tryna handle a b**ch like me. Leave me alone.”

She then uploaded a photo of her call log, which appears to show Jaquees calling and Facetiming her several times. She wrote:

“When yu blocked so yu run to Twitter… Nobody gives af bro,”


This isn’t the first time Dreezy has tweeted that she broke up with Jacquees. About a year ago, she tweeted a similar comment.

She also retweeted a cryptic message just hours later from Summer Walker.

Jacquees and Dreezy started dating in 2018 after going on tour together.


He was featured on her song, Love Someone.

She also starred in the video for his single Who’s. 

It was just last year when she gushed about their relationship and said,

“He’s more than what y’all see on the internet… every celebrity that you see on these blogs and stuff is a real person in real life. Cause I used to be looking at him the same way like, ‘Oh that’s Jacquees’…When I met him, I was like “Oh you’re a real person. You got a momma. You got bills. You running a whole business.’ This s*** not easy. I know firsthand because I’m an artist. So to kind of step into his world and his career and see how he handles it. I got nothing but respect for him.”

He also bragged about Dreezy’s skills shortly after.

“That’s who they need to put on top of the game… If you want to talk about some people talking about being underrated, let’s talk about Dreezy. She dope. She’s a hard worker. She put in hard work. I see her — it’s like watching me or something.”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo