Update: Swizz Beatz Says ‘Knock It Off”, As He Responds To Lala Anthony Cheating Rumor That Miss Jones Says She Heard

Update: Swizz Beatz Says ‘Knock It Off”, As He Responds To Lala Anthony Cheating Rumor That Miss Jones Says She Heard

Update #1. Swizz Beatz visited our Instagram comment section and reacted to the rumor that Miss Jones stated involving him and Lala. He simply wrote,

Knock it TF Off!!!!!

Original Story: Legendary radio personality, Miss Jones is spilling some alleged tea! During a recent episode of her ‘Miss Jones In the Morning’ Youtube channel, she revealed an alleged rumor that she heard a year ago about Swizz Beatz and Lala Anthony. According to Miss Jones (born Tarsha Nicole Jones), someone from Swizz’s team reached out to her and claimed that Swizz Beatz and Lala Anthony were having an affair. She said,

“Someone that claims to be working in Swizz’s camp reached out to me… via DM, saying ‘I work for Swizz and I need you to know that him and Lala have been having an affair. They are madly in love with each other but he has already told Lala and he continues to tell her’, ‘calm down, I’m not leaving my wife’.” 



Jones continues,

“‘If you don’t believe me, go on his page on IG. He always starts leaving comments in the morning and she [Lala] be the first one to respond. But, she don’t just leave one response, she keeps it going and going, to the point where he [Swizz]  says you gotta chill because it’s starting to look obvious to my wife [Alicia Keys].'”

Miss Jones admits that she questioned the source and decided that she didn’t feel comfortable revealing this information at the time. She goes on to say Alicia Keys recently released a song titled ‘LALA’, insinuating that the song is in direct correlation to the alleged affair. The song is on her latest album, ‘KEYS’.

While Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys have been married since 2010, the start of their relationship has been viewed as controversial by some. It’s been widely speculated that Swizz and ex wife, Mashonda were married when Swizz began dating Alicia. While Alicia and Swizz deny this, Mashonda has publicly accused Alicia Keys of being a home wrecker. Thankfully, in recent years, they all have chosen to come together and work on being a blended family.


Lala Anthony and ex husband Carmelo Anthony officially called it quits in June after 11 years of marriage. The pair initially split in 2017 after 7 years of marriage amid rumors he cheated on her and had an alleged child. It was rumored they reconciled by late 2018, but later split.

La La, Carmelo and son Kiyan

In regards to this alleged affair between Swizz Beatz and Lala Anthony, neither party has spoken out.


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Authored by: Monique Nicole