Bow Wow Says He’s Done W/ Women For The Rest Of The Year: Ladies, Leave Me Alone! I’m Done!

Bow Wow Says That He’s Done W/ Women For The Rest Of The Year: Ladies, Leave Me Alone! I’m Done!

Girls and women have been throwing themselves at Bow Wow ever since he was rapping about “Puppy Love” under the moniker Lil’ Bow Wow, and he’s officially had enough!

Former teen heartthrob and rapper Bow Wow had a message for the ladies. He took to Instagram to let them know that he was officially closed for business. He said:

“Ladies, leave me alone! I don’t wanna spend time with you! I don’t want you to come over here! I’m done, I’m done! It’s family time, my daughter’s coming to town. Okay?”

He continued:

“The sexual energy is not in me, it’s gone. I don’t want you around. There’s no reason for you to call me, text me, ‘I wanna come over,’ no! The answer’s no for y’all too, okay? Damn. Talk to y’all in the new year. Bow out. I’m gone. Alright? Sheesh!”

He added:

“No, you can’t come have dinner with me. No, you can’t. The answer is no. Okay? Thank you. Y’all are stressing me out….”

Social media users and former fans couldn’t take his public service announcement of sorts seriously. One user wrote:

“Lil Bow Wow pls.”

Another wrote:

“My my he has an ego on him. Pipe down sir.”

“He craves attention.”

“Bow Wow we not calling.”

“Who’s looking for his corny behind?”

“His lack of self awareness……”

“Yup cuz allllll the ladies want Bow Wow.”

“It’s only 10 more days tho.”

“It’s your money not you lol.”

“My childhood husband became such a corn. Hate to see it.”


Bow Wow recently wrapped up the Millennium Tour 2021, which he headlined with fellow OG Scream Tour act Omarion. The tour marked the first for Bow Wow in several years. Although Bow Wow didn’t join his counterparts on the first edition of the Millennium tour in 2019, he has expressed that he has been bitten by the stage bug once again and wants to continue performing in the future.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya