Drakeo The Ruler Associate Claims YG ‘Can’t Perform In L.A.’ Anymore After Rapper Was Fatally Stabbed: It Was A Set-Up! 

 Drakeo The Ruler Associate Claims YG ‘Can’t Perform In L.A.’ Anymore After Rapper Was Fatally Stabbed: It Was A Set-Up!

Was YG involved in Drakeo the Ruler‘s murder?

As previously reported, West Coast rapper Drakeo the Ruler was murdered this past Saturday (Dec. 18th) at the Once Upon a Time in L.A. music festival. In the wake of this untimely tragedy, another L.A.-born rapper has been accused of being involved in Drakeo the Ruler‘s murder: YG.

According to Drakeo‘s mother, the fatal incident went down shortly after YG and a crew of “40 to 60” people appeared backstage. Shortly after the “POWER” rapper’s posse showed up, Drakeo was ultimately “swamped” and stabbed in the neck. His mother recalled:

“Everything just happened so quickly. They started trying to jump them.”

Drakeo the Ruler

In addition to Drakeo the Ruler‘s mother, one of his associates–K7–also dished on the matter and claimed that YG was involved. During a recent Instagram Live, K7 stated:

“He’s a b***h n***a. I’m speaking facts, YG a real-life b***h n***a. All them n***as is b****es, bro. I don’t give a f**k, bro. I’m so mad, bro. On my mama, YG did some h*e s**t. If I see cuh, I’m gonna slap the s**t out that n***a. N***as doin’ all this puff, talkin like they hard, bro. You got those security guards fightin’, n***a. Like come on, bro. That s**t ain’t cool, bro.”

He continued:

“On my mama, bro. Them n***as got them big a** bald security guards, snuck ’em in, snuck in knives, all types of weird s**t, n***a. Let them n***as come 70 thick but only told us we could bring 15 people, bro. That don’t make no sense. Bro, you told us we could only bring 15 people but let them n***as bring a hundred muthaf***in’ people, bro? I’m so hot.”

He also claimed YG “can’t perform in L.A.” anymore:

“YG can’t perform in L.A. no more, bro. I don’t give a f**k who feel about what about or anything. N***a, I don’t care, bro. N***a always do some gay s**t for a real one, bro. I’m over this s**t, bro. On my mama, these n***as is gay. These n***as is h*es, bro.”

K7 added:

“This s**t is weird. N***as is hatin’ bro. YG a real b***h. He knew Drakeo was gonna take his spot. Cuh really a b***h. N***a set the whole s**t up. This s**t was a set up from the start. N***as shoulda been seen this whole setup s**t that these f****t a**, b***h a**, gay a**, h*e a** n***as did. This s**t got me hot, bro… These n***as ain’t even ready for war, bro. YG can’t perform in L.A. no more. F**k all that, n***a.”

He then wrapped up his comments by stating:

“When we first came in, we was there. Certain n***as was there early, so it was cool. There wasn’t no tension, but YG and them wasn’t there because they performed later. As soon as he came, it went bad. Like n***as knew what they was doing. On my mama, the whole thing was a setup. Bro, n***as is h*es.”

It’s also worth noting that YG‘s supposed rap beef with Drakeo has also come to light in the aftermath of the murder. The pair’s relationship is specifically presumed to have soured after Drakeo distanced himself from DJ Mustard, one of YG‘s close associates.

The pair’s squabble eventually escalated to the point that Drakeo the Ruler seemingly threatened YG on social media. Shortly after YG spoke on Drakeo during an interview, the latter jumped on IG Live and proceeded to play music, at one point rapping:

“A rap n***a gon’ get Swiss cheesed if he say one more thing.”

He later added:

“F**k a n***a talkin bout, n***a? Stop playin’ with us. We ain’t nothing to play with.”

YG hasn’t publicly addressed the situation, and the investigation into Drakeo the Ruler‘s death is still ongoing.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley