50 Cent Says Diddy ‘Got Tupac Killed,’ Advises Him To ‘Lawyer Up’



50 Cent Says Diddy ‘Got Tupac Killed,’ Advises Him To ‘Lawyer Up’

50 Cent (seemingly) believes Diddy is responsible for Tupac’s murder.

The multi-hyphenate Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson embarked on a tour on July 21 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” debut album. Recently, while in Riga, Latvia, the CEO closed the show with a hit, and we’re not talking about his music. Before leaving the stage, 50 Cent took another jab at entertainment mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. As you may know, the two have had an interesting relationship over the years. However, according to 50, that’s because of Diddy’s rumored involvement in Tupac’s death.

He said,

“I’ve been talking to a therapist who trying to help me with the sh*t I’m saying. It’s some crazy sh*t that comes out of my mouth for no reason. For no f*cking reason.”

50 added,

“Maybe I said that sh*t about Puffy because he got Tupac killed. I thought it was for a real reason, and then I just thought of that. I wanted to post the sh*t I seen online.” 

Reportedly, Diddy’s name surfaced in the Tupac mystery years ago when murder suspect Duane “Keefe D” Davis said the Bad Boy hired him to kill the “California Love” artist. Though there was no basis for the claim, Keefe D’s recent arrest revived the rumors.

50 Cent’s latest revelation was followed by a post he shared on Monday (Oct. 9) that featured the iconic picture of Tupac moments before he was shot in Las Vegas. 50 captioned the post, 

“D*mn so pac got lined by brother love. LOL Time to Lawyer up, sh*t might get sticky.”


Here’s what some X users had to say about the upload: 



Diddy has yet not responded to 50 Cent’s latest remarks.

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