Birdman Facing $147k Lawsuit For Refusing To Pay Rent For Bel-Air Mansion


Birdman Facing $147k Lawsuit For Allegedly Refusing To Pay Rent For Bel-Air Mansion

Birdman’s financial troubles are catching up with him again.

New Orleans record executive and rapper Birdman allegedly hasn’t paid rent for a Bel-Air mansion in 5 months. According to Radar Online, the landlord is demanding that he pack his belongings promptly. As a result of his reported refusal to pay, he’s being sued for $147,624.

The suit allegedly states that Birdman has racked up additional unpaid expenses during his stay:

“At present, Defendants are very delinquent — nearly 5 months delinquent in rent — and also owe Plaintiff other monies for cleaning services rendered at the Rental Property at Defendant’s request.”

Birdman reportedly owes $141k in rent, as well as a $6,624 cleaning bill.

If the Big Tymers rapper doesn’t move out immediately, he could be forced to pay extra fees. But Cycad–the company that helps the owner of the mansion manage the property–doesn’t want him to stay at the Los Angeles home past Dec. 31. Instead, they want the $147K, along with interest. They allegedly claimed:

“Beginning January 1, 2022, Plaintiff will continue to suffer daily damages each day that Defendant remains in possession of the Rental Property.”


Court documents allege that Birdman–whose real name is Bryan Williams–agreed to pay $33k a month on a month-to-month basis. He reportedly opted out of signing paperwork and made an oral agreement with Cycad.

The Cash Money legend’s temporary pad is a 7-bedroom, 9-bathroom, 7,509 sq. ft. mansion that has housed many A-list celebrities.

Birdman hasn’t issued a response to the allegations, and he has reportedly ignored letters from the company that’s suing him.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya