Rapper Blac Youngsta Allegedly Dropped From Yo Gotti’s Record Label, Gotti Says It’s NOT True

Rapper Blac Youngsta Allegedly Dropped From Yo Gotti’s Record Label, Gotti Says It’s NOT True


Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta, 31, is rumored to have been dropped from his record label deal with Yo Gotti’s label, Collective Music Group (CMG). The rumors come shortly after Yo Gotti pushed back the release of his new double- disc album titled, “CM10”. Yo Gotti, 40, made his album announcement one day prior to the fatal shooting of rapper Young Dolph, with whom he had issues with in the past. While Gotti has not confirmed this, many speculate that he is pushing back his release date as a sign of respect to Dolph’s family.

Young Dolph with his family

While it appears Yo Gotti was paying respect to Young Dolph, it seems Blac Youngsta shared a different mindset. In the weeks following Dolph’s murder, Blac Youngsta seemingly disrespected the slain rapper numerous times. During a recent performance, he sang his diss track against Dolph, titled “Shake Sum,” for a large audience.

A few days after his performance, Blac Youngsta released his song “I’m Assuming” with a music video where he is seen walking around a cemetery and stops in front of a gravestone with Dolph’s family name, Thornton, in full display. Many found that move to be very disrespectful and tasteless.

Shortly after the rumors spread about Black Youngsta being dropped from CMG, Yo Gotti took to Twitter to share his thoughts. In a string of Tweets, the Memphis rapper denies the rumor, even calling it “Fake News”!

“I’m seeing too much Rap [cap] on these blogs…..Fake News!!”

Yo Gotti

He went on to confirm that Blac Youngsta has not been dropped from the label.

“Lil bro A BOSS He can’t be Dropped #CMG #HeavyCamp”


Yo Gotti goes on to tell people to stop mentioning his name when it comes to gossip.

“P.s. Keep my name out all these rumors”


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Authored by: Monique Nicole