Safaree Responds To Parenting Critiques: “This Is Not A Trophy For Social Media, My Kids Are With Me In Real Life + Erica Mena Responds


Safaree Responds To Parenting Critiques: “This Is Not A Trophy For Social Media, My Kids Are With Me In Real Life + Erica Mena

Safaree gets emotional while discussing the rhetoric surrounding his assumed lack of presence in his and Erica Mena’s children’s lives.

During an Instagram live hosted by comedian and actor Majah Hype on his regularly seen “Playing For Keeps Dating Show,” rapper and Love and Hip Hop cast member, Safaree Samuels, was one of the many guests. The Caribbean-American duo originally joined the humor-filled life intending to promote their upcoming podcast. However, things suddenly took a turn in a discussion where Majah brought up a man taking care of his children. Majah stated:

“… Because guess what? A nigga go to jail and go do 10 years and come home, we glorify that. We glorify the fact that “Oh he kept it real, he did 10 joints. He’s a real one.” A real one to me is a nigga that stays home, that stays out of jail, that takes care of his kids, that provides for his family. A nigga that is successful. That’s not even a nigga to me, that’s a man.”

Safaree then becomes visibly bothered, which began his frustrated rant where he addressed the much-discussed topic of his presumed absence in his kids, 1-year-old Safire Samuels, and 6-month-old Legend Samuels lives. The rapper begins by saying.

“And to all of y’all people who like to say “Take care of your kids,” let me tell y’all niggas something straight up bro. My kids got hedge funds, when my kids turn 18 my kids [are going to be] M’d up without having to lift a finger”

“M’d up” referring to the millions of dollars that his children are intended to inherit after their 18th birthdays.

“Y’all niggas don’t know nothing. You see what you see and that’s it… I’m there, I’m in their lives all day. They know what’s up.”

To which Majah confirmed,

“One thing I can say is, every time I see you with your daughter she looked well taken care of to me.”

Safaree then continued to vindicate himself from the claims of him being a bad father by stating:

“My first day on set, who was with me all day and we were there scouting the scene… This is not a trophy for social media, my kids are with me in real life.”

He then proceeded to show his backseat, which had two car seats in them, while exclaiming,

“You see these baby seats in the back? Like, come on, son.”

His future podcast co-star responded that he did not have to prove anything to anyone.

With the faint pleas from Majah for Safaree to change the conversation to not become a spectacle, Safaree decided to continue, as he apparently had a lot to get off of his chest as he told this story of an experience he had with a stranger in the street.

“Yo, I was walking [with] the double stroller and this lady saw me. She was like “Oh my God, he really do be with his kids” I wanted to say “Yo bitch!.. I wanted to take my baby and hit her with my baby son. Like what?” 

This humorous statement was met with laughter from his Majah, who stated

“This the type of shit that you be saying that be fucking putting you on The Shaderoom. Chill out bro. What you mean you wanted to take the baby out and hit her with the baby?”

To which Safaree joked

“No, I wanted to take the baby and just swing his feet. And just like, swing his feet to hit her, like “What are you talking about?”

The lighthearted conversation was received well by those who watched the life, but it seems as if 34-year-old Erica Mena was not laughing after hearing Safaree’s words. She took to Twitter to dispute Safaree’s notion that he is an active part of his children’s lives with the following statements



With both sides making differing claims, it’s hard to pick a side. Regardless, it’s safe to say that, while they don’t always see eye to eye, they’ve definitely been committed to oversharing their marital problems with the internet.

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Authored by: KJ Dodd