Jill Scott’s Trends On Twitter Due To Rumored Sex Tape, Singer Responds

Jill Scott

Jill Scott’s Trends On Twitter Due To Rumored Sex Tape, Singer Responds

Twitter thought that there was some explicit material featuring Jill Scott out there, and the singer had to step in.

Neo-Soul artist Jill Scott was a trending hashtag last night (Jan. 4) on Twitter, all thanks to a rumored sex tape. It’s unclear who put the idea out into the atmosphere or why, but Jill had something to say to those who were eager to barge into her bedroom.

Say word!?! I expect this energy when my new movies, albums and tv show drop. Ya’ll too much. #headedbacktowork #hydrate.”

While the “A Long Walk” singer comedically shed light on a sad truth, Twitter’s reaction to the alleged hot gossip was interesting, to say the least. Most users were frantically searching for the tape, some were shocked, and a few took an analytical approach with their posts. One user wrote:

“Why the Jill Scott sextape got a feature from Gil Scot? Who is really gonna survive in America?!”

Another wrote:

“N***s said something bout a Jill Scott tape….”

“Y’all some weird people trying to find Jill Scott sex tape. But shit if y’all find it let me see.”

“For a lot of n****s on here who claim to not like luscious women, a lot of them mens, were certainly thirsting after Jill Scott’s, alleged sex tape.”

“Why are y’all comparing Jill Scott and Lizzo.”

“I watched a clip from the Dr Umar/ Jill Scott sex tape, and Umar whispered ‘Donationsss..Donationss…Giftssss….Giftssss…’ with every slow stroke from the back.”

“I know who leaked Jill Scott sex tape.”

The fake Jill Scott sextape brought out the fat phobia in y’all. Y’all can’t fathom that bigger women are attractive and openly accepted and lusted after. It makes y’all uncomfortable and I love it yall can’t use fat as an excuse anymore.”

“That Jill Scott tap must be crazy cuz everybody tryna see it.”

What’s this bout Jill Scott? And most importantly where?”


In 2019, Jill Scott began starring in The First Wives Club, a BET Plus (streaming service) adaptation of a 1996 film of the same name. The show was recently renewed for a third season, though it looks like she might not be returning. According to the Internet Movie Database, she is in the early stages of an untitled TV movie, along with a history film. As for her music–which is the medium that introduced us to Ms. ScottJill claimed that she was “cooking” something new via Twitter in July 2021. Her last album, Woman, was released in 2015.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya