K. Michelle Celebrates Successful Butt Reconstructive Surgery: I Can Twerk Again! 

K. Michelle Celebrates Successful Butt Reconstructive Surgery: I Can Twerk Again!

Singer K. Michelle is celebrating a successful surgery on her butt and took to social media to share the news.

In a new post it seems as though K. Michelle got her butt re-done, and silicone removed from her body.  This time without using dangerous butt injections. See the post below.

K. Michelle is hoping by sharing her experience she can be an advocate for women to not have dangerous procedures done to their body.

K. Michelle recalls the first five years of her injections, not giving her any problems, but in 2017, she says that she started to experience fatigue, migraines, and even back and leg pain. The silicone had apparently spread down her legs, and damaged her tissue.


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In 2018, by suggestion of a doctor, she tried liposuction to remove the silicone, but the procedure actually made the silicone spread further.  Weeks later, the singer was rushed to the emergency room, where she had to undergo two blood transfusions.

Countless surgeries later K. Michelle is finally feeling like herself again.


Earlier this year, the reality star and singer celebrated her reconstructive surgery on Instagram and wrote on Tuesday (Nov. 3rd):

“Woke up to great news about my reconstructive surgery. It’s FINALLY this months in a couple of weeks. This journey has been one of the most difficult task that God has assigned to me.”

K. Michelle ended with a message for her female fans and continued:

“Ladies I don’t care who’s telling you what DON’T PLAY AROUND WITH YOUR BODY. Injections are illegal for a reason.”


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Authored by: Demi Lobo