T.I. Seemingly Calls Shekinah Anderson A Parasite, As He Reacts To Her Recent Accusations [AUDIO]

T.I. Seemingly Calls Shekinah Anderson A Parasite, As He Reacts To Her Recent Accusations [AUDIO]

The ongoing drama between hairstylist and reality star Shekinah Anderson, 37, singer-songwriter Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 46, and Rapper Clifford “TI.” Harris Jr., 41, has again found its way back into the headlines.

Recently, Shekinah Anderson went live to discuss the behind-the-scenes drama and alleged disrespect and harassment that the hairstylist was exposed to during her time as a friend and co-worker to T.I. and Tiny. The rapper had been accused of constantly disrespecting Shekinah, in her claim that he is “half of the reason why [she hates] men,” as recently reported on The Jasmine Brand.

Tiny seemed to have responded to the claims by posting the following message to her Instagram story,

“If you don’t have proof that whatever you be talking about is working for you man do everyone a favor and shut yo a** up.”


T.I. has responded to the latest Shekinah claims. However, unlike his wife, the rapper’s response was not as gentle.

T.I. spared no time in, assumedly, responding to the matter on the Big Tigger Morning Show with TV and Radio personality Darian “Big Tigger” Morgan, 49, comedian Ms. Pat, 49, and Real Housewives of Atlanta regular Shamea Morton, 39. In a video posted to the Big Tigger Morning Show’s Instagram, the rapper was asked by Morgan about “the story that is going around,”  pertaining to Shekinah’s claims. T.I. immediately responded by repeating:

“Ain’t no d*mn story.”

Causing the radio hosts to laugh. The rapper continued that in 2022, he and his wife will be:

“… passing out positivity. [We’re going to] offer positive vibes to people, uplifting people. Man we ain’t got no time to shed no light on no parasite.”

Pertaining to Shekinah Anderson. He continued:

“Nah man, a parasite- you know, a parasite is something that latches onto something strong and sucks the energy out of it because it cannot live on its own… Anything that has its own talent, anything that has its own God-given ability, does not have to ride nobody’s coattail to the top. You know what I’m saying? You ain’t never seen me have to leech on, latch on, to nothing else but God to get where I’m going.”


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The rapper even seems to call Anderson the devil, or devil-like, in the statement:

“Every top of the year man, you know they say ‘new levels new devils’ man, you know what I’m saying. Every top of the year, it seems that I’m challenged, my family is challenged and tested by, hey man, everything we have is God-given man. It’s God-given. Ain’t no demon, ain’t no curse, ain’t nothing that anybody could challenge me and push against me [to] stop God’s purpose for me and my family. So y’all might as well go ahead and find you something else to do.” 

To which radio host, Ms.Pat, mockingly responds:

“And get a job at PetSmart. You can do hair at Petsmart.”

Poking fun as Shekinah’s years of experience as a hairstylist.

Shekinah has not responded to this latest statement from the Harris couple, but with this never-ending beef between the three, we’re sure there will be more to report sooner or later.

How did you feel about T.I calling Shekinah a “parasite” and comparing her to a “devil”. Comment down below.

Authored by: KJ Dodd