Love & Hip Hop’s Premadonna & Jai Nice Hilariously Argue Over Seafood Rice Recipe

Love & Hip Hop’s Premadonna & Jai Nice Hilariously Argue Over Seafood Rice Recipe

Chile- the girls are fighting over food videos!

Recently, Premadonna, real name Nakeitha Thomas, 37, and Jai Nice, 31, have been going back and forth on social media after Premadonna appears to have shaded Jai Nice’s seafood rice.

On January 15th, Jai Nice posted a video to her cooking Instagram page of a seafood rice recipe. In the video, she cooks the rice and the seafood in the same pot, gradually adding seafood based on the time each seafood item would take to cook.


The video received a lot of positive reviews from fans. However, some fans are assuming that Premadonna was not a fan of the meal, as she took to her cooking page to post her own version of seafood rice, two days later. Premadonna claims that it was a harmless cooking video, much like the hundreds of others she had posted before; However, fans were quick to call out the, allegedly, shady comment that Premadonna made in the caption of her video. 


The caption read:

“GOOD morning DONT be PETTY just scroll by say it back !’! Happy Mlk Day !!When cooking seafood rice ,Make sure you cook your rice separately…so one you don’t have hard or mushy rice …eww disgusting * This recipe is in the cookbook *Repost @premadonna87

I hate skimpy seafood rice !!Get this recipe from @premadonna87cooks Ultimate Recipe Bible EXTRA SEAFOOD ME PLEASE LOBSTER,CRAB ,SKRIMPPPPS!!! Lol (shrimp)  #food #foodporn #foodie #F#seafood #seafoodlover #seafoodmukbang #seafoodporn #food #premadonnaseasonings #premadonnacookbook”

Some fans who watched the video believed that Premadonna was talking about Jai Nice’s previously posted seafood rice video, including Jai Nice herself, who took to Twitter to say:



Premadonna, who claims that the video was never posted with the intention to be negative towards Jai, responded:



Jai Nice responded:


 The Premadonna cookware line-owner continues:



Some fans seem to be on Jai Nice’s side, believing that Premadonna was being hostile towards Jai’s seafood rice recipe first, therefore starting the verbal altercation in the first place. Others believe that the back and forth is uncalled for on both ladies’ parts and that seafood rice recipes shouldn’t cause this much conversation.



However,  Premadonna stands on her innocence in the situation, even going as far as to use the confrontation as promotion for her cookware line




Who do you believe is right in this situation? Comment down below.

Authored by: KJ Dodd