Rapper Paul Wall Reveals His Dad Was A Serial Child Molester

Rapper Paul Wall Reveals His Dad Was A Serial Child Molester


Paul Wall typically keeps a low profile and stays out of the headlines; but after sharing some shocking information about his childhood, he has fans stunned. During a recent episode of the “FAQ Podcast”, the 40-year-old Houston rapper revealed that his biological father–who left the family when Paul was only 5 years old–was a serial child molesster. He explained that he did not learn of this shocking detail until he was a little bit older.

“I never knew what happened other than my mom would always have me and my sister paranoid that we would get kidnapped.. But then later on in life, I asked my mom one day, ‘What happened to him?’ And that’s when I found out horrible things…. My biological father was a child molester, a serial child molester. “

Paul Wall

Paul Wall, (born Paul Michael Slayton) then revealed that his father kidnapped a young girl.

“He ended up kidnapping a girl when she was… he started a relationship with her when she was  12 or 13 years-old, then when she became 14 or 15, he married her and they went to Canada, that’s the last time I seen him.”


Fans quickly responded to the shocking revelation. Many commending Paul Wall for being honest while others gave kudos to his mom for shielding her children away from harm.




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Authored by: Monique Nicole