Lizzo Recently Got Her V*gina Pierced, Says She Would Love To Do Playboy: Tell Cardi To Call Me!

Lizzo Recently Got Her V*gina Pierced, Says She Would Love To Do Playboy: Tell Cardi To Call Me!

Could Lizzo possibly be featured in Cardi B‘s Playboy platform CENTERFOLD?

In a recent runin with paparazzi, Truth Hurts artist Lizzo tells reporters she recently she got her intimates pierced, and admitted she’d love to pose for Playboy someday.


If there’s anybody that stands for freedom, artistic expression, and sex positivity it’s certainly grammy award winning artist Lizzo. Making her excitement at the idea of being featured in Playboy right on brand for rapper Cardi B’s first project with the lifestyle magazine.

While partying with Drake during his Super Bowl weekend concert, 33-year-old singer/songwriter Lizzo was asked by a reporter if she’d ever consider doing Playboy to which the star responded:

“Oh my God, tell Cardi to call me! I LOVE Playboy, yeah, I’ll do it!”


Cardi B, who recently collabed with Lizzo on her hit single Rumors, was named Playboy’s Creative Director in Residence in December of last year. A few weeks later, she announced the launch of CENTERFOLD, her first project with the magazine which is described on the websites bio as:

“A platform for creative freedom, artistic expression, & sex positivity. The home for the world’s top creators to interact with their fans.”

Lizzo also discussed with paparazzi a recent piercing party she threw for her team which she shared glimpses of with Tiktok followers.

After a cameraman asked the singer how many piercings she got at the party Lizzo responded:

“I have so many piercings right now, I never thought I’d be this girl!”


She continued:

“You can’t see my coochie, I can’t show you.”

And reiterated after being asked again:

I can’t show you! I can’t show TMZ my pu–y!” 

Letting inquiring minds know exactly where her most recent piercing was placed.


Would ya’ll be here to see Lizzo’s new piercing via Playboy feature? Let us know in the comments!

Authored by: Kay Johnson