Dr. Dre Says He’s Planning To Work With Mary J. Blige On Her Next Album

Dr. Dre Says He’s Planning To Work With Mary J. Blige On Her Next Album

Looks like the family will be getting together for another affair!

In a recent live interview, certified hitmaker, producer, and Hip-hop icon Dr. Dre discussed his post Super Bowl performance celebration and working with soul queen Mary J. Blige on her next album.

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Compton native Dr. Dre is still on a high from the incredible Super Bowl halftime show he put together for his hometown in California. The performance, which featured L.A. stars Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar was also joined by Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and a guest appearance from 50 Cent. After the performance that saw over 70 thousand on site fans and 29 million home viewers, Dr. Dre says the team is still reveling in their huge accomplishment.

In a live interview, the 56-year-old producer was asked about the speculated NFL restrictions placed on the performance (the censoring of Kendrick Lamar’s popular line “And we hate popo”, as well as Eminem taking a knee), his pre-performance diet, and the feelings of the crew after the performance.

The interviewer asks:

“There were a couple things that happened during the show where people are wondering if the NFL had any say-so in. One of them being uh Em taking a knee behind you at that point. And then the other being that Kendrick – uh didn’t, either he didn’t say it or it was censored, we couldn’t tell watching on tv – but there’s a line where he says ‘we hate the popo’ and he didn’t say popo or at least we didn’t hear it. Did the NFL weigh in on any of that as well?”
Dr. Dre responds:
“There were a few things that we had to change but it was like really minor things. Um – Em taking the knee that was him doing that on his own and there was no problem with that.”

Eminem, Dr. Dre

He continues:
“I think you know the beginning of Kendrick he says um ‘if pirus and crips are’ – they had a problem with that so we had to take that out no big deal. We get it but all in all everybody came in we were professional everybody was on time and everybody really felt the magnitude of what this thing was and what we were going to be able to accomplish and it was it was a fantastic experience.”
When discussing how everyone felt after the performance, Dr. Dre speaks on everyone’s excitement and how Mary J. Blige came back to his place after the celebration, letting it slip that the two are in talks to work on her next album together.
The interviewer asks:
“Just real quick um what did everybody else say – what did Mary J. Blige, what did Eminem, what a Snoop what did they say to you? How did they – how did they react afterwards?”
Dr. Dre responds:
“Let me tell you man everybody was extremely excited. You know Mary came back here to the house um last night and we went downstairs to the studio and she was playing me samples and we were just vibing out because um you know we’re talking about working together on her next project.”


He laughs and continues:
“I’m not even sure if i’m supposed to be saying this or not so i’m sorry Mary but you know I’m excited about it. We’re talking about working on her next project and we were downstairs having a  ton of fun man just listening to samples and music and you know playing around like that.”
The hitmaker wrapped up the interview gushing over his favorite actor Don Cheadle and reflects on being surrounded by a bunch of talented people.

Don Cheadle

He says:
“Don Cheadle came over and he’s just like one of my favorite actors you know so it you know i just had a house full of amazing talent and that’s all we did just sat in the studio and played music and had fun dancing around.”
Authored by: Kay Johnson