Lizzo Questions Why She ‘Still Does This S***’ As She Address ‘Fake Love’

Lizzo Questions Why She ‘Still Does This S***’ As She Address ‘Fake Love’

It looks like Lizzo is tired of fake love.

Seemingly questioning herself, Lizzo tweeted recently,

“Sometimes I wonder why I still do this s***—the love feels fake these days and the hate is way too real…”

Some followers assumed she was addressing the criticism she received after taking a picture with Chris Brown.

Chris Brown, Lizzo and frriends

Lizzo responded saying,

“Please don’t assume you know what I am talking about because you’re wrong.” 

She continued,

“My biggest issue these days isn’t the fact that people have opinions, it’s that people force their opinions on others— if you don’t fw something: don’t. We’re all having a human experience, we all deserve grace and patience and understanding.”

She added,

“It’s a thankless job holding my m*********** tongue.”

As previously reported, Lizzo was slammed for asking singer and actor Chris Brown for a photo. In the viral video, the ‘Rumors’ singer can be heard saying,

“Can I get a picture with you ’cause you’re my favorite person in the whole f***ing world?”

After posting the picture, Lizzo was immediately criticized by fans because of Chris Brown’s previous allegations involving women.

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Authored by: Ellori Nicole