Tristan Thompson & Maralee Nichols Baby’s Name Is Revealed + Maralee Explains Why Tristan Was Left Off Birth Certificate

Tristan Thompson & Maralee Nichols Baby’s Name Is Revealed + Maralee Explains Why Tristan Was Left Off Birth Certificate

Maralee Nichols writes a sweet message and reveals the name of her baby boy in recent Instagram post.

Nearly three months after welcoming their new bundle of joy, Maralee Nichols revealed her and Tristan Thompson’s son is named Theo Thompson, confirming the child took the NBA stars last name despite him being left off of the birth certificate.

Maralee Nichols & Son

Fitness model and mother of NBA star Tristan Thompson’s third child, Maralee Nichols recently shared the name of her baby boy, and discussed the absence of Tristan Thompson’s presence in their sons life.

Posted to her Instagram page, Maralee writes:

Theo, my little angel baby. I named you Theo because it means, “Gift from God”. I had never been pregnant before and had been told I might not be able to have children. 

She continued:

I couldn’t believe I was pregnant, when I saw you on the ultrasound and heard your little heartbeat I knew I would always protect you and keep you safe. I love you more than you’ll ever know.
You bring such joy and happiness into my life. My greatest blessing

There has been much speculation surrounding the nature of the 30-year-old Chicago Bulls forward and his third baby mama and child. Earlier reports suggested that Tristan could be paying $40,000 monthly to Maralee, in addition to paying the same amount to the mothers of his first two children Jordan Craig and Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson and their daughter True Thompson

However Maralee has since disputed the rumors. Reportedly stating that Tristan was not present for the birth of their son and has made no attempts since his birth to see him nor offer financial assistance.

Following E! News acquiring the new baby’s birth certificate and noting that Tristan was not named on it,  Maralee offered this explanation:

“Tristan’s name was not on the birth certificate because he was not present at Theo’s birth.”

Maralee Nichols & Son

At the time of the child’s birth, Tristan denied claims that he fathered Maralee’s child pending paternity test results. Since confirming, Maralee says Tristan has not attempted to meet their child nor offer financial assistance, reportedly stating

“In the future, we hope that reporters covering this situation contact us to confirm any facts before publishing.” 


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Authored by: Kay Johnson