Kimora Lee Simmons’ Husband Tim Leissner Faked Divorce Documents Not Once, But Twice In Order To Illegally Remarry

Kimora Lee Simmons, Tim Leissner

Kimora Lee Simmons’ Husband Tim Leissner Faked Divorce Documents Not Once, But Twice In Order To Illegally Remarry

New accusations surrounding Kimora Lee Simmons’ husband Tim Leissner has been released.

Former Goldman Sachs executive Tim Leissner confirmed during trial that the documents allegedly proving his divorce, prior to marrying fashion model Kimora Lee Simmons, were fabricated. Leissner also admitted that this was his second time falsifying divorce documents in order to remarry.

Kimora Lee Simmons, Tim Leissner

Earlier this month, we reported that 50-year-old Goldman Sachs executive banker Tim Leissner was set to be the key witness in the government’s case against Roger Ng, the banker who led Goldman Sachs Malaysia division and allegedly embezzled $35 million as part of a scam to fund a lavish lifestyle.

Before the trial began, Ng’s defense attorney Marc Agnifilo, attempted to weaken the credibility of the government’s star witness by alleging that Leissner was:

“A ‘double bigamist’ who was “married to two different women at the same time, twice”.”

Now, Leissner himself has admitted in court that those accusations are true.

Kimora Lee Simmons, Tim Leissner

According to reports – while testifying in Brooklyn federal court on Thursday (February 24th), Leissner stated that he married Kimora Lee Simmons even though he was still legally married to Judy Chan Leissner using falsified divorce documents.

Leissner stated:

“I photoshopped the divorce document.” 

The case prosecutor, Drew Rolle, followed up asking Leissner if Judy Chan Leissner knew of this, to which he claimed that she was so upset that she refused to help him put a $900,000 down payment on a house in Los Angeles for him, suspecting that it was for he and his new wife.

Judy Chan Leissner

Leissner also admitted that when he and Chan wedded back in 2000, he was married to another unidentified women, and submitted fake documents to the Hong Kong government to finalize their marriage.

According to reports, the trial also found that Leissner admitted to pocketing nearly half of the $162 million entrusted to him through the 1MBD fund, and borrowing another $1.25 million from Ng that he never returned. Leissner agreed to cooperate with the government’s investigation and testify against his former associate Ng for a reduced sentence and forfeiting $43 million.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson