Fabolous Shares Strip Club Date Night Photos W/ Emily B After Shooting Down Rumors Of Being Unfaithful 

Fabolous, Emily B

Fabolous Shares Strip Club Date Night Photos W/ Emily B After Shooting Down Rumors Of Being Unfaithful   

Over the weekend, rapper Fabolous shared his date night with long term girlfriend, Emily B while the couple threw a few bands of money at the strip club. The photos come amidst them allegedly splitting last month.

In most of the shared images, Emily doesn’t appear to pose or be aware that she’s being photographhed. In one particular photo, Emily sits on a couch, while Fab looks off into the distance, wearing a pink Denis Rodman t-shirt.

Several social media users took note of Emily’s body language in the photos. One person wrote with a sense of sarcasm,

“She looks so happy”

Another person wrote,

”I meaaaaan, if sis stays after getting her teeth knocked out, it’s gonna take a hell of a lot more for her to leave other than him cheating.”

As previously reported, last month, Fab took to his Instagram to set the record straight after photos of him and another woman having lunch surfaced. He said the mystery woman he was with was a female teacher, and threatened to sue media outlets reporting the news for defamation of character.

Afterwards, the rapper went on IG Live to plead his case. He stated,

“The narrative is that I love Emily. That’s t he mother of my kids. I’m not gonna let y’all f*** that up. For some fake s***? For what, a story just to click on? For everybody to talk about? Then whatever come behind it…then it looks like it’s on me. Whatever hapens, it’s ‘Oh yeah Fab…’ Nah. Especially when I’m trying to f***ing be with this woman. How the f***? Nah, this s*** ill. I had to sit and marinate on this s***. Somebody did this, for some reason. So y’all stay woke. We ain’t even in the mix. Where did she come from? I ain’t in the mix. I ain’t been on no blogs.”

The following day, Emily shared a cryptic message and made it clear she’s practicing self-care before anything else, even a relationship. She wrote,

“This often offends people when I say this but I don’t care. My mental health is a priority over any friendship or relationship. I’ll lose anyone and anything before I lose my mind.”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette