Loni Love Recalls 1st Time Having Sex With Boyfriend: I Forgot He Was White [WATCH]

Loni Love, James Welsh

Loni Love Says She Forgets Her Boyfriend James Is White [WATCH]

Loni Love is one of many celebrities in an interracial relationship, but she claimed that she often forgets her boyfriend, James Welsh’s race.

Loni Love said while on Angela Yee’s Lip Service,

“When we first started dating, I remember one of the first times we started having sex, we did it from the back, right? And I forgot he was white. And I looked back, I said ‘Who is this f***ing white man?!’ I actually forget! Seriously!”

And their intimate moments aren’t the only times Loni Love said she forgets her boyfriend of one year’s race.

“We’re out sometimes, say we get separated, Alex my assistant, he knows. James will wave and smile and I’m like ‘Who is that white man? Oh, that’s James!’

Interestingly enough, she previously pushed for interracial dating on daytime talk show The Real. 

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Authored by: Char Patterson