Naya Rivera’s Family Reaches Settlement In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera’s Family Reaches Settlement In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Naya Rivera’s family settles their wrongful death lawsuit.

Actress Naya Rivera’s family has settled their wrongful death case. The lawsuit was filed in response to the Glee star’s tragic 2020 drowning. Bossip has obtained an exclusive statement from the Rivera family’s legal team. The statement said:

In Josey Hollis Dorsey and the Estate of Naya Rivera’s litigation relating to the drowning death of Naya Rivera on July 8, 2020, all parties have entered into a global settlement, which is subject to approval by the Ventura Superior Court on March 16. Through this settlement, Josey will receive just compensation for having to endure the drowning of his beloved mother at Lake Piru. Though the tragic loss of Josey’s mother can never truly be overcome, we are very pleased that the monetary settlement will significantly assist Josey with his life beyond this tragedy.”

In July 2020, Naya took her 4-year-old son Josey Hollis Dorsey to Lake Piru. The pontoon boat that she rented drifted away while they took a swim. She mustered up the strength to get her son back on the boat. Shortly after, Naya disappeared into the water.

Naya Rivera, Ryan Dorsey, Josey Dorsey

After an intense search, Naya’s body was discovered 5 days later. Her death was ruled an “accident.”

Naya’s family claimed that Ventura County was responsible for her death because they didn’t provide the actress with any lifesaving devices. County officials argued that Naya was offered a life jacket, but didn’t accept it.

Lake Piru reportedly has a “deadly history,” which was mentioned in the lawsuit.

The amounts and specific details of the settlement are unknown and confidential.

Naya Rivera

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Authored by: Roganí Araya