Vivica A. Fox Slams Laverne Cox For Mentioning Jada Pinkett-Smith’s “Entanglement” During Will Smith Red Carpet Interview: It Was Tacky!

Vivica A. Fox Slams Laverne Cox For Mentioning Jada Pinkett-Smith’s “Entanglement” During Will Smith Red Carpet Interview: It Was Tacky!

It looks like things may have gotten a little awkward on the red carpet of this years SAG Awards!

Laverne Cox, 49, is receiving some backlash for bringing up a not so great moment of Jada Pinkett Smith, 50, and Will Smith’s, 53, marriage right in front of the Hollywood couple. The “Orange Is The New Black” actress was co hosting the E! red carpet ahead of the award show and spoke to the couple about Will’s performance in “King Richard” –which he later won the SAG award for outstanding performance. In the midst of thanking the couple for their contributions to entertainment, she jokingly mentions Jada’s “entanglements”. Laverne Cox said,

“We love you. Thank you for all the years of joy you’ve brought us.”

She then turned to Jada and added,

“Thank you. We can’t wait for more ‘Red Table Talk’ and more entanglements.”

Back in 2020, social media was set ablaze when singer August Alsina dropped a bombshell that he and Jada Pinkett Smith engaged in a relationship with each other during her marriage to actor Will Smith.  It was when Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith brought themselves to her Red Table Talk show that more clarification was made. According to Jada, she and August had an “entanglement” during the time she and her hubby were on a break.  After their infamous Red Table Talk episode, the word “entanglement” quickly went viral.

Now, some are calling Laverne Cox “messy” and “shady” for bringing up that moment in the midst of a joyous occasion. One person that is speaking out is actress/tv host Vivica A. Fox, 57. During a recent episode of Fox Soul’s ” Cocktails With Queens”, the “Independence Day” actress felt Laverne Cox was being “tacky” and that she may have sabattogged herself when it comes to future carpet interviews.

“Wrong place, wrong time….I thought it was tacky. I absolutely thought it was tacky…..everybody tries to get like their aha moment that goes viral and you know I just think that you have to pick and choose because darling please remember that uh Will Smith and Jada are a power couple.

Vivica continued,

“They do a lot of work, they’re very well connected there are people that they’re people that now when you might be on the red carpet they’re gonna walk right past your ass quickly their people when they see you now, are gonna sweep their people right pass you and be like, ‘no, we don’t do her’. 


What are your thoughts? Do you think Laverne Cox was being tacky or just being playful? Let us know in the comments below!


Authored by: Monique Nicole