Russell Wilson Gets Down On One Knee To Propose Having More Babies With Wife Ciara: Just Give Me One More

Russell Wilson Gets Down On One Knee To Ask Wife Ciara For More Babies: Just Give Me One More

According to Russell, the Wilsons will definitely be having more children in the future.

While guest hosting on the Ellen show, superstar singer Ciara was joined by her NFL hubby Russell Wilson who proposed the two have more children in the future, in the most gentleman manner possible.

Russell & Ciara Wilson

Ciara and Russell Wilson have stolen everyone’s hearts time and time again with their public displays of affections and adorable family. While it looks like the superstar couple already has the perfect family life, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson says it would be perfect if they just added one more.

Russell Wilson, Ciara Wilson, & Children

During the Ellen show taping, 36-year-old Ciara jokingly tells the audience that her husband makes her nervous, and that she feels vulnerable with him in “this setting”, referring to being on a television set. In response, her 33-year-old husband stated:

“Well I do know everything about you first of all, and second of all, Imma make you more nervous right now. (to audience) You guys wants me to make her more nervous?

The R&B singer laughed as the football star smoothly got close to her on one knee before proposing his “very important question”.

He continues:

“Well, I have a question for you. A serious question. Can we have more babies? I mean it would be perfect. Just give me one more. 

While the two laugh in the moment Ciara go on to say that the pair definitely can have more kids, but they still have some time to go before she’s ready stating:

“We definitely can, we got a little time before we get there”

Russell & Ciara Wilson

The celebrity couple currently parent three adorable children, 7-year-old Future who Ciara shares with ex-boyfriend rapper Future, as well as the two children they share together 4-year-old Sienna and 19-month-old Win.

Russell Wilson, Ciara Wilson, & Children


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Authored by: Kay Johnson